Mednafen emulator and the Panzer Dragoon games

I see that you made a post about Mednafen emulator on Segalization, @Draikin:

I was wondering if anyone had tried playing the Panzer Dragoon games on Mednafen yet? How does it compare to SSF with regard to performance and stability?

I haven’t tried them personally but it looks like the emulation is quite good:

I’ve been trying all day, can’t get the thing to run anything saturn yet. SNES and NES ran just fine. I try Saturn games and absolutely nothing happens.

Finally starting to understand this emulator a bit more. There is no GUI unless you download someone else’s custom made one, so running it can be a little confusing and all your files have to arranged in a very specific way.

You also have to have a pretty quick CPU. 3.3GHz or faster, for sure.

I do have positive news to report now, though: I’ve got Panzer Dragoon Saga, discs 1 - 4 all working on this emulator now. The emulation is fantastic. The emulator supports analog sticks to take the place of the 3D pad, so if you’ve got a USB Xbox 360 pad sitting around, PDS feels great.

It has built in memory allocation for system and cart.

There are a number of graphic tweaks available in the program to implement, though I’ve yet to try them myself.

The only problem I can foresee is that I don’t know how this thing will handle the disc swaps. I can’t promise I’ll get around to testing that any time soon, but from what I can tell so far this thing runs better than SSF. It just doesn’t have as many options, which is fine because many of SSF’s option menus were broken, useless or completely illegible.

Try it out!

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