MediEvil : Resurrection

Yes, it’s a port / sequel / update to the PS1 cult classic. Not an original IP for the PSP.

That aside, it’s all the fun of the classic series + more gameplay modes, weapons, MUCH better graphics (poly counts and textures) and some very very funny voiceovers.

Comparable to, (and also easily more fun than) last month’s platforming offering from Konami Death Jr., with better camera responsiveness and tighter collision detection.

I’m having a lot better time re-experiencing the fun that was one of Sony Studio Cambridge’s lesser known 1st party franchises than I did with Konami’s new IP.

If you’ve never played MediEvil 1 or 2, this is a great place to start. As, it’s mostly a re-invention of the 1st title.

It’s really good to see that all’s well in the kingdom of Gallowmere!!!