Medal of Honor: Heroes (PSP)


You know, I remember really really enjoying both of the MOH entries on the PS1. They were both great FPS entries that pushed the hardware boundaries of the system. But all of the MOH games on the PS2 and XBOX, frankly, were massive disappointments to me.

It’s not that they were awful FPS games…I just felt like they never made the technological leaps that they should have in terms of graphics and game play…and they all felt so much “stiffer” than I felt they should have been on a current gen system.

So, I had next to NO intention of trying, much less picking up MOH : Heroes on the PSP…till I happened to catch a glimpse of game play video on IGN…as well as a very favorable review…and the gameplay specs = online infrastructure mode, 16 player games without server, 32 players per game with user PC servers (like Star Wars Battlefront). I figured, okay, I’ve been waiting for a good online multiplayer FPS on the PSP, so I gave it a whirl.

Also, I’ve tried some of the other FPS games on the PSP…and despite multi control schemes, none of them got the single analog game play to feel comfortable or right. Get this - EA nailed it 1st time out of the gate! (not to mention offered various schemes)

For those who are curious as to how it works out, the basic default scheme, and the one I found to be the best:

  • analog for forward/backwards & strafing (double tap forwards for dash run)
  • buttons for up down aiming and left right turning
  • shoulder buttons for focus aim and shoot
  • digital pad for weapon change / reload / action / crouch

Sort of reminds me of Goldeneye on the N64…without the A & B buttons.

The graphics and gameplay are easily as good as or better than any of the PS2 MOH games, and it looks like they took great lengths to emulate the size and scope of level design in the Call of Duty games…which I thought were much more dynamic than any of the current gen MOH games.

The online multiplayer is great, and very very active … there were at least 20 active games full of players…and I didn’t experience any lag in any of the games I played. Sadly the online chat headset for SOCOM does not work with this title. ;-(

Great stuff…if you’re a fan of the MOH series and have a PSP, this is a total no brainer buy.

But, if you were like me…and totally skeptical of the series being worth another look…or just looking for the FIRST GOOD FPS / ONLINE MULTIPLAYER for the PSP. Here you are.

Great stuff. Seriously.