using the mighty search engine, I stumbled over another possible influence of panzer dragoon :

a book from 1918, very dystopian as it seems.

book : "Most of the book describes the fictional country of “Meccania,” a nation in Central Europe with obvious resemblances to Germany "

twota : “Meccania was the only nation willing and able to stand up to the Empire in no small part due to learning how to utilize ancient blue beam laser cannons known to the nation as blitz cannons, which cut through the invading Imperial warships like a hot knife through butter.”

Notice that Blitz is yet another german word ( for Lightning).

I didn’t know that (Mecannia that is). You learn something new every day!

The English manual calls the Meccanians the “Mechanics” as well, which I found amusing to say the least.

There is a free eBook available here and here. I might have to read it to see if there are any references.