Mass Effect: Andromeda

Anyone playing Mass Effect Andromeda? At first, I thought it was going to be atrocious! Taking a step back and seeing it for what it is: a stand alone game; I’m really enjoying it.

I don’t think you should be comparing it to the main trilogy, because nothing can top Shepard’s journey to defeat the Reapers. What I like about it is: the sense of discovery and exploration I get from roaming around different planets and finding ancient technology!

Also, the Remnant technology/towers in the game are just like the towers in Panzer Dragoon Saga! Their function being: a way to control a planet and keep its ecosystem in check! Tera-forming and keeping an otherwise inhospitable planet, alive!

I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Although I played through the trilogy, I haven’t picked up Andromeda; the end of the third game seemed like a natural stopping point. The sense of discovery and exploration does sound appealing though; that’s one reason why Skies of Arcadia is still in my top five games.

Amen to that brother! I feel the same way!

I think you would like Andromeda, because it has a similar feeling of going to, and discovering, all of which the planets have to offer (what No Man’s Sky should have been!). Maybe I am getting that Skies of Arcadia vibe: discovering the unknown for the first time. Which is exactly what you do in this game. And maybe, that’s why it feels separate yet still a part of the Mass Effect series?!..Without even realizing it, subconsciously, it appealed to me.

The people complaining about the game, were just expecting a grand opus of a story; when what we actually get is one of exploration and survival. There is no grand universal threat, but rather, a local one. One that can be managed. I think the story is fitting for the setting and the writing and characters are fine! Peebee and Jaal are my favorite!

Any other complaints that were made concerning some minor facial/eye movement issues and glitches, have been for the most part, corrected and improved upon, with updates.

I just feel like everything that I wanted that was missing from No Man’s Sky, concerning: depth, culture/uniqueness of planets/races, meaningful and not “infinitely” repetitive exploitation (only exploring 1 galaxy), I feel Andromeda has!

The reason I got into the Mass Effect games in the first place was the focus on story and rpg elements. With the change in focus on this one to exploration and multiplayer, it just doesn’t register on my desire to play. Doesn’t mean that it isn’t good, just not for me. As I get older I find I focus more on story driven experiences​ and less on multiplayer and random exploration. Having a family and being in grad school limits what I play and from what I hear, Andromeda doesn’t stand out to me as worth investing my time on it.

There are still plenty of rpg elements intact and the main game has nothing to do with multiplayer. Just don’t pay any attention to the multiplayer.

I don’t know why everyone expected or expects, any future game in the Mass Effect series to compare to the trilogy. There is no way, no matter how hard they try, to even come close, to what Shepard’s journey brought us; story-wise.

Andromeda is not a bad game by any means. It’s story is not going to blow anyone away. But if you are a fan of Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, you will find a lot to like here. It’s a game about settling and exploring a new Galaxy. That in and of itself is what intrigues me. Like Skies of Arcadia, for example, being able to explore the unknown; seeing something fresh for the first time is what draws me into this game. If you love exploration and adventure; something with a decent story, but not some grand epic opus, you will find a lot to like with Andromeda. The story is fine for what the game is centered around.

Though, I can totally see why people can’t bring themselves to play it after the main trilogy! I thought that way going in, but was pleasantly surprised. This is still a high quality title, with a different take on the Mass Effect universe. If you can accept it for what it is and just stop comparing it to the main trilogy, you will find a lot of fun to be had here: full of detail in environments, design and depth (just looking up at the massive monoliths and Remnant technology has me in awe sometimes!)

This is likely to be the last Mass Effect game with the original teams creativity and magic touch left intact, as most of the team is gone now. I shutter to think how un-Mass Effect-like the next game will be, with having lost so many original team members. Which is why I recommend fans still give this game a chance. Just think of it as it’s own game with Mass Effect connections.

It’s a bit hard to compare a game funded by EA with an indie title like No Man’s Sky; the former is going to have the funds to fill up those worlds with more diversity and scripted sequences. It’s incredibly expensive to make a game like Mass Effect Andromeda. That said, a series of detailed worlds to discover does sound appealing, so perhaps I’ll give Mass Effect Andromeda a try next upgrade (I doubt it would be playable on my current laptop).

I never actually tried the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer (if I recall correctly, it required some kind of pass as well as a Live subscription on Xbox 360), but regarding exploration, the sense of there being a bigger galaxy beyond the main quest was something that appealed, even if for the most part I just followed the main story. I’m interested in hearing how well Mass Effect Andromeda holds up as a stand alone story if you ignore the side quests/exploration. It might not be an epic quest to save the galaxy, but perhaps it is still a good story?

I’ll talk about the story quality once I beat the game. But for the most part, as a whole, I’m really enjoying the game!

Ryder the main character, aka the Pathfinder, is similar to Azel, as he is the only one who can access and interface with the ancient Remnant technology! This in part, is thanks to an A.I. called S.A.M. which is fused to his nervous system. It’s pretty interesting.

I also like the new galaxy map. After selecting a system or a planet it goes into first person while you travel; creating some cool immersion! And you can always press the square button and skip right to your destination.

Mass Effect: Andromeda has interactions between characters that are completely upbeat, fun, and lighthearted; compared to the more focused and serious tone of the original trilogy.


Okay, I’ve finally beaten the game. I will say this about the story: like I said before, it gets the job done for the setting that surrounds it. A small number of humans fleeing the Reaper threat, travel inside arks, headed to a new galaxy. Finally arriving, and having been asleep for over 600 years; the main focus is to make a new home and set up colonies on multiple planets, all the while struggling to rid the Andromeda galaxy of a hostile alien threat called the Kett. Along the way, you will explore multiple alien worlds, and discover ancient Remnant technology, from a forgotten and very absent, alien race.

Ryder the main character, aka the Pathfinder, is the only one who can access and interface with this ancient Remnant technology! This in part, is thanks to an A.I. called SAM which is fused to his nervous system. And because of this, he is a major target of the Kett empire. It’s pretty interesting (the dynamic between SAM and Ryder).

Also, over the course of the game you will discover the mystery behind what the Kett are, as well as their need to expand their numbers. You will also slowly learn the mechanics and purpose of the ancient Remnant technology that seems to be prevalent on each planet you colonize.


A lot of people seem to hate some of the dialogue from a small portion of the game, and because of this, are using that as an excuse to solely judge the main story quality. The overall dialogue while exploring and in-between the main narrative, is completely lighthearted. This is an intended change of pace from the tone presented in the original trilogy. This is not the serious epic tale to survive the Reapers; this is about exploring new worlds and living the adventure of discovery! And sure the dialogue can get a little corny at times but this is the tone the game has throughout. When it was time to get back to the story and focus on the overarching plot points the characters were always back on track and focused on their mission.

So, in conclusion what can I say about the story and dialogue?:

Mass Effect: Andromeda has interactions between characters that are completely upbeat, fun, and lighthearted; compared to the more focused and serious tone of the original trilogy. This is a reflection of the game’s tone and theme: exploring new worlds and setting up a new start for humanity; not the struggle, doom and gloom, brought about by the anxiety of the very serious and almost impossible, threat of the Reapers; now in a galaxy left behind and separated by 600 years.

You lead the human race onto multiple planets to start a new life and set up colonies, you fight a hostile alien threat, learning a few secrets about them in the process, you explore and discover ancient technology, over time, slowly uncovering its mysteries and all the while, exploring alien landscapes!

The story is not very complex at all but,…but, has some nice twists throughout, keeping the mystery going and keeping you guessing, regarding the Remnant technologies purpose. There is a nice twist at the very end of the game concerning the Angara! (the new alien race in the game) and the Remnant technology as a whole! If you like that sort of thing (discovering the unknown) and can see the game for what it is; not comparing it to the original trilogy, rather seeing it as a different take on the Mass Effect universe, you will have a lot to like here.

Overall I would give this game a solid 8.

I had a lot of fun with it as the gameplay/combat options are much improved from the original trilogy and it kept me entertained for a long while! Aside from the main story, there is an abundance of sidequests to keep you busy and it’s a blast exploring with the Nomad! Just make sure you activate all the drop points in any one world so you can fast travel easily between points on the map, while doing quests!

I really liked Mass Effect 1 for its story and Mass Effect 2 for its characters. On the other hand, I was greatly disappointed by Mass Effect 3. So Andromeda being something different is probably a good thing. That said, I’m not in a rush to buy the game. And with the poor reception, I could see EA putting the series on hold now.

At least EA was man enough to fix the graphical problems with updates/patches. The character animations and facial features/movements look much better now. They also fixed a majority of the glitches as well (what are the play testers doing these days?!!).

Andromeda is definitely in a different mold compared to the original trilogy. More lighthearted dialogue, with a serious focus on planet exploration. I liked the change of tone, but I realize not all fans of the series can accept this change of pace…

You’re assuming the problem was the play testers not doing their job, rather than EA pushing the game out of the door despite knowing about the problems. In practice, it’s usually the latter.


I guess that’s what happens when they force a deadline. You get a half-assed job that requires a plethora of updates and patches to fix. Oh, and you have no Internet connection? Too bad for you; you get a shitty version of the game that ultimately reflects the quality of that company.

That’s why I think NIntendo is still one of the top companies, quality-wise. It’s just simply astounding how polished Zelda: Breath of the Wild is considering its scope. And when the game needed it, it was delayed.