Man who's left of Andromeda have to sue

They wouldn’t have a case… its just a name. Besides, Orta was published in Europe by UbiSoft. Plus, it looks more like the Telvanni sectors in Morrowind that Lake Uru in Saga.

Ehehe.One of my favourite series : Myst.

In fact that’s one of my most anticipated games ever!I still don’t got a PC for it tho :’(

Oh the worl Uru goes back long ago.

You know what it means?It was suposed to be the first cuty in existance or osmething like that.

In a biblical sense or a historical sense?

Biblically wasn’t Babel the first city ever built? Man, I should know that.

No,Babel was just suposed to be the biggest city(tower-city) in the world.

Uru comes from some european culture I think…

I dunno for sure.

According to Pandora’s Box, the correct translation should have been Lake “Ul” anyway.

Nah.The citu in the BIG lake Ul situated to the east is suposed to be Uru.

Ul Lake houses Uru and the Tower for example…

Where does it say that? I assumed that it was the correct translation for Uru because of the whole L/R buisness.

Ul is a lake.Uru is the city in that very lake.The lake is huge tho while the city ,well is just a city(situated to the far east of the lake).

I think that PDO’s Box tells us where the lake is;if you played Saga you know which lake they are talking about,therefor you can assume that Uru is “on” the lake.

Craymen pronounces the path to Uru as U-r-uu during his discussion with Edge about it.


Uru sounds so much better anyway.

BS, Orta was published by Infogrames.

Well that doens’t matter anyway.Uru is a very old word,that I can assure you.If you ask someone from TA they’ll tell you where they got the name.

Ah fuck you’re right >.< I always get those two confused for some reason =/