Man Too Human is gonna rock!Make that progrock!

I realize these are just scans but I just wanted to express how much excited I am about this game.Right now I’d buy a Xbo360 just for this…

I advise anyone who likes games to just have a look at what we know about the game so far at’s not much but it got me :anjou_happy:

The originality of the game comes not from it’s scifi/fantasy setting but from the gameplay and the innovative camera system.

Anyone interested in this so far?

Hell yeah! Everything I ever read about the game screams “awesome”, nice scans too, those full page shots look intense, I also recommend the video interview IGN did with Denis Dyack:

He reveals some cool bits about the sword in the game and other info that will intrigue anyone whos interested.

IGN has released more TH info/footage in the form of their IGN Weekly show and also a preview.

If you are a gamer you owe it to yourself to watch/read these :


Visual Preview : media

I have never been as excited about a game (with the obvious PD,Myst;LoK series exceptions)!This is bound to beat it all!

The animation and combat DO need a lot of tuning but Silicon Knights is well aware of this and that’s one of the things that sprang all the “Early previews” and “Ice Bucket” debates with Denis Dyack (SK’s president).

PS:If anyone knows a good Norse mythology book that you can recommend me I would highly appreciate it.

I am beyond excited for Too Human! :smiley:

It looks unbelievably deep and inventive, and by the sounds of things it will be worth replaying all three installments once they’re completed. Usually with a trilogy or connected series like this, I find myself only playing/holding onto the final installment, but the depth and breadth of the class and developments systems, as well as the world of Too Human itself, sound as though it will be worthwhile to replay all three games!

Silicon Knights has never let me down, and I do not expect them to.