Making a Panzer Dragoon Saga guide

Hello all, I wanted to know if anyone out there in game land wanted to get together and make a Strategy Guide for this awesome game. I am a graphic designer and am wanting something to put in my portfolio and I thought about making a nice looking guide for a great game.

I’m not amazing with text and wanted some help. I wont be able to pay anyone or anything like that but rest assured that you will get the credit you deserve.

Here are a few quick drafts of some pages. … 1302194078 … 1302194079 … 1302194079 … 1302194078

Any help would be great!

The main goal however is to make a guide that you would see in the store, you know something professional looking.

email me if your interested at:


Welcome, fictionalnape.

I personally won’t be able to contribute, as I have other projects on the go. But I just wanted to say that I like your designs and wish you well with this project.

Yeah, good luck matey. Long live Panzer Dragoon.