Major Earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand … ds-missing

Yesterday a major earthquake hit Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. At least 75 people have been killed, and many more are still trapped in buildings.

I live about 4 hours south of Christchurch and did not feel the earthquake, but many others did. Thankfully none of my close friends who live in Christchurch were injured.

It’s a sad time for New Zealand.

That’s awful… It’s good you’re well…

Hey I’ve been so not paying attention to ‘the news’ lately but I did happen to be watching, I think while eating in a diner yesterday, and saw just a little about this story. I immediately wondered about you, though it was a long day after that and I don’t think I was ever reminded again till now, so I’m glad to know you’re OK there. And I’ll hope things get better as soon as possible for NZ.

Thanks guys.

There’s some aerial photos here which show the extent of the damage. It’s rather depressing to see the city that I lived in for three years in such a state.

People are saying this could be the worst natural disaster in New Zealand’s history, although it’s difficult to be sure at this point.

Pretty intense! I’ll echo the sentiment of being glad you’re alright!

Aw shut brew :frowning:

Glad to hear you’re okay… Saw some videos of the city, man, that looks brutal.

Been a lot of activity on the Pacific Plate over the last few years, but nothing in California (well, we had a big one in central California a few years ago, but it was in the middle of nowhere, so no damage… and that’s still a few hundred miles away). I’m worried that SF could be next =\

There’s a talk going around about rebuilding Christchurch back to the way it was before, but I wonder if that’s wise. Maybe we need a fundamental rethink of how the city is constructed, rather than the reactionist approach of growing it organically based on demand. This is the second big earthquake within six months (luckily the September 4 earthquake didn’t kill anyone), and there’s no telling whether it’s the last, even in the near future.

Same sort of discussion happened after New Orleans got thrashed by Hurricane Katrina… But they ended up rebuilding it anyway (with allegedly better levies, though.)

That’s horrible to see. I’m glad you’re ok.

figured i will up date this post as i am one of the few who live in christchurch, we are still getting constant quakes. like just after midnight tonight we got another decent shake, these have been going on for months and i think the will be going on for more… at least they aren’t as shallow and strong as the one of February the 22nd. but they do get rather annoying some times. like 3am wake up calls :anjou_angry:

Another couple of large earthquakes in Christchurch this afternoon. No one was killed this time, thankfully, but some people were injured and buildings damaged.

That’s good to read

yeah holy hell that was a crazy one i was in work today for this one, was not fun at all. at least me and my boss were the calmest of the lot at work :slight_smile:

I hope that everything will be ok out there.