Magazine Scans of Panzer Dragoon Articles

So awhile back when I was hunting for pictures and images for the Panzer Dragoon series that I haven’t seen before on the Panzer Dragoon Legacy website I happened to randomly come across this Portugues forms website that had high quality scans for an article on the Panzer Dragoon series as a whole.

The 8 page article The Guide to Panzer Dragoon, Retro Vol. 05, 2012 goes through all the Panzer Dragoon games describing them, their history, and what not.

Also on the same website I came across another thread that also has great quality magazine scans of Panzer Dragoon Orta. Unfortunately most of the articles are not in English (Portuguese I’m guessing), and mostly seem to be reviews for Panzer Dragoon Orta. However the very last couple of magazine scans are in English by Future Classic, Retro Gamer nº 96

So if anyone would like to check them out go for it.

Thanks for the contribution. You could please upload the scans to the Pictures > Related Material > Magazine Scans category and write a short news entry for the main page? I set up a PDL login for you, you should receive a confirmation email.

Ya, that should be no problem, I’ll get on it as soon as possible. Would you also like me to upload the magazine pages that are in Portuguese or just the ones in English?

Thanks. You can upload them all if you want. Just make sure that they’ll labelled clearly (issue numbers, etc) for people stumbling across them.

Well I believe that I have gotten everything in for you to review.

Thanks again. I went through and cleaned up the names and split the articles into multiple categories. It was then that I realised how recent some of the articles are - 2014 and 2012 for the Retro and RetroGamer articles. It might be safer not to publish these ones and just publish the older Portuguese articles. Unless those magazines are out of print, we’re competing with their business model which includes selling back issues. Even though the whole concept of a fan site is a bit dubious when it comes to copyright, I generally try to avoid doing anything which might take away a sale. So I’ve left those newer articles unpublished for now.

I’ve removed the Retro and RetroGamer magazine scans from drafts in line with our new contribution policy.