Lundi minifig

And here is Lundi minifig. Unfortunately, the pictures are not as good as I expected. In the reality, it’s better :

(please see my last post for pictures)

The colors of the costums were hard to paint, I hope you won’t be choked by the way I used.
The art I use was the one in the japanese manual of Zwei.

I already start making Edge…

Not bad.I hope I could say more man, but I’m much too critic when it comes to art, sepcially PD one.

another quality piece =D Can’t wait to see Edge :slight_smile:


Very nicely done. I’m looking forward to seeing my favourite Panzer Dragoon character, Edge :slight_smile:

All right!!! Real neat stuff…keep it up!! :wink:

I wish I had half of your talent Kanon. I can’t even sculpt a baseball out of Play-Doh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up ples!

Thanks for your support !

For the aficionados of Edge, who seems to be the favourite character of everybody here (with Azel ?), I think the pictures will be avalaible at the end of the next week. This minifig is still in progress. But it’s pretty difficult, compared to Kyle and Lundi.
But I do my best !

Lundi along with Paet is the best character IMO!

Why do you like Paet so much Gehn?

Because he’s Paet, no less. Just look at the guy, you won’t find a more eccentric individual in the Panzer Dragoon world (okay, maybe you will if you count Ponta and Viaman, but Paet is the most remembered).

“So please please show me that dragon, PURELY from scientific interest!”

He’s the man.Period! :sunglasses:

You are going to do Sky Rider eventually aren’t you, Kanon?

…ples? :_(

I have better clich? to show :

I’ll use the same process for Edge.