Lunar 2 Sega Saturn Gamerip

Anyone interested should look here.

Thanks Parn.

No prob. I’d like to do a Shining Force 3 music rip, but I’m waiting for the next update for the SSF emulator. Lunar 2’s music is just compressed audio and there was software at my disposal to decompress the audio and loop it for this rip.

I could hook up my Saturn’s A/V cables to my soundcard, but there’s some signal loss and I’ve become even more nitpicky with my gamerips, and so I’m holding off for the time being. I’d much prefer a lossless recording, pretty much. SSF Alpha R12 emulates most of Shining Force 3’s MIDI-style music pretty well, all but two of the various “instruments” used in several songs. I imagine this might be addressed on the next version update of the emulator.

On a more positive note… the audio glitches, particularly the ones in scenario 3 for Shining Force 3 are NOT present through the emulator. This bodes well for Saturn emulation, as it may reach a point similar to several Genesis emulators, where they surpass the original hardware.

Music ripped/recorded straight from Shining Force III would certainly bring back memories. I only have a few tracks lying around on my harddrive buried under a trashheep of random files somewhere.

Flawless Saturn emulation still has quite a way to go (so I hear), even if it has come a long way already. I’d love to play through the Shining Force III trilogy again only this time in a much higher resolution and with an English translation hack. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before all the bugs are ironed out completely.

Excellent gamerip.

Personally, for Shining Force 3 Scenario 1, I have no issues running it on Cassini. I only have the Japanese version, sadly (I’d love to get the English one, and the Japanese Scenarios 2 and 3, because I love SF), but it seems to run pretty faithfully on an emulator.

At any rate, from a programming standpoint, the folks working on Saturn emulation deserve all of the praise in the world just for getting as far as they have. Definitely not an easy task, and while it may be far off, they’re doing fantastically.

Another game which runs near flawlessly for me on Cassini is Golden Axe: The Duel. Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon Zwei run well if I modify the Vsync setting, but the music will be messed up.

I’d love to hear someone rip the unbelievably awful battle cries from SF3. Talk about memories…


I believe Parn actually ripped some of the battlecries from Sega of America’s localisation of SFIII Scenario 1. The Japanese battlecries sound far more fluent and believable (in terms of being there) in comparison.

I think amateurs from the shining force fan base, whod be more than happy to do it for free, could of done better than SF3 vocie actors.

The battle voices aren’t that bad. I would have preferred it though if they’d kept the original Jp voices and spent the money instead on localising the other scenarios :slight_smile: