Lumines Remastered

A remaster just came out of this puzzle game from the creator of Rez. Like Rez, Lumines is a very sound-driven experience.

Did anyone else play Lumines back in the day? I remember playing the 360 version and quite enjoying it, so I might pick this remaster up.

Lumines Remastered is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Windows PC.

I never played the game but so many players speak of it in high terms, I am tempted… however for me it will be Switch or nothing.
The Puyo Tetris disappointed me because too childish so hopefully this game could become my go to when on the go.

Be aware of some slowdown in the Switch version. From Polygon’s review:

The only real negative here is the amount of slowdown I noticed on the Switch version of the game; you may notice a bit of sludge as certain skins shift into each other, or when there are a lot of effects on the screen. It’s not horrible, and it’s rare enough that it doesn’t ruin the game, but the interconnected nature of the visuals, music and sound effects make any and all lag stand out. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s disappointing in a game that relies so heavily on rhythm and timing.

Thanks, I will wait then to see if they can patch this. I am not in the rush for this game anyway.
It might get a physical release or even go on sale so I’ll definitely add to my wishlist on my Nintendo Account to monitor sales :grinning: