LOTR : Warrior of Middle Earth / NREV Controller



on a whim, and because it was on sale at Kay Bee Toys for $14.99, I picked up Hasbro & Tigers interactive TV action game, The Lord of the Rings Warrior of Middle Earth.

And I have two things to say after playing for about an hour.

  1. HOLY CRAP This is a RIDICULOUSLY fun plug and play game. I saw that Enix had licensed a Dragon Quest game exactly like this about a year or two ago in Japan, and I knew this would probably use the same technology and graphics engine.

The sword and base use some kind of blue-tooth or infrared technology, because it’s HIGHLY responsive even in medium light situations (unlike the ever popular Eye Toy). And it must be signal based, because the sword (which weighs practically NOTHING) can move a pointer around on the screen like a mouse, it knows when it’s being held with the blade or the broad side towards the screen, and it knows what velocity you’re swinging it at.



If there is ANY doubt in your mind that playing with a controller like the upcoming Nintendo Revolution Remote WILL BE AN EXHAUSTING experience, get your ass down to Kay Bee, and pick one of these things up.

A. Because they’re very very fun for only $15.


B. So you can swing one around for an hour, and then have your arms hurt so god damned much that you can barely type a new thread.

I’m not saying that the NREV controller is going to be bad…I just think you all need to prepare for just how taxing it’s going to be to use it in all it’s innovative glory for hours at a time.

Well, it means that Revolution owners will be the most fit gamers next to DDR fanatics! XD Yeah!

There! We have finally seized our joyous, enraptured grasp on the holy chalice of irrefutable proof! Computer games ARE good for you! :anjou_happy:

The whole point of that game is to wildly swing around a sword though which is why it gets tiring. I imagine you will get that type of games on the Rev as well of course. Why? Because they’ll be hella fun as you mention.

I do expect most “serious” games to require much less motion.

For example, on the Metroid Prime tech demos, the press editors that got to play it mentioned you can simply keep your hands resting on your legs as you sit similar to a normal controller, and it was so responsive it barely required any motion at all to smoothly control it. I imagine that’s the set up they will use for most first/third person games as well. Use the analogue attachment to move around and perform other actions (left hand) and the remote to aim/shoot/look around with (right hand, mainly wrist motions, holding it “phaser” style).

But image someone creating a full-blown first person Soul Calibur type game, that would be sick.