LOST : The Videogame ... the VIDEO!

Ubisoft is pretty reliable. Probably even MORE than reliable.

I have faith that they’ll handle this subject matter well, and while I’m not setting my expectations TOO high, this definately tops my list of “looking forward to” games.

I hope that they have downloadble episodic content to match the show.


And I hope to GOD that that’s Jack that the player is controlling as he’s sprinting breakneck through the awesomely rendered jungle … because I do NOT want to play with “non-descript” background characters.

If we’ve learned ANYTHING from that first Matrix game … it’s that people want to BE main characters. Or, at least, they DON’T want to be Jada Pinkett Smith.

I’d like to watch this, but does it have season three spoilers? My girlfriend here hasn’t seen that yet. Noob.

The video doesn’t have any spoilers in regards to Season 3.

Everything looks like Season 2 actually … The Hatch is in tact for one.

There really isn’t any information as to how far in the shows timeline the game will go … so, your girlfriend should catch up on S3 if she wants to watch you play without getting anything spoiled …

… but, seriously, with a season finale as shocking as the one at the end of Season 3, I’m surprised she hasn’t had that ruined for her by somebody by now.

Could be interesting, could turn out to be yet another film/TV cash in. As Ubisoft is involved, we can hopefully expect something decent.

Yay Lost!

LOST : The Videogame … the VIDEO!
You forgot… THE TOPIC!

[quote=“Pedro The Hutt”]LOST : The Videogame … the VIDEO!
You forgot… THE TOPIC![/quote]

Um … are you being SARCASTIC?