Lost: The first five seasons (spoilers)


I don’t believe we’re had a topic discussing this series, so with only one season to go I thought why not?

Lost has become my favourite series on television. The characters, constant mystery, and innovative non-chronological storytelling have kept me eagerly awaiting each new episode through five seasons.

Some speculation:

The most recent episode left a lot of questions. I’m guessing that Jacob’s rival who is posing as Locke is the smoke monster. It would make sense, given that Jacob’s rival was nearby when dead Alex appeared to Ben. The smoke monster is the only being so far that we’ve seen taken on the form of the dead.

Jack’s bomb probably causes the incident as Miles suggested, rather than actually stopping it. Whatever happened happened. Perhaps the incident will move Jack and co forward into the present, so they can stop Jacob’s rival.

I’m very interested in knowing the significance of Aaron and Walt, and why these children are considered important. There must be a reason why Claire was told she had to raise the child. Perhaps Aaron is supposed the next leader of the Others, so Claire was meant to raise him on the island. Perhaps Christian Shepherd is another form of the smoke monster and has convinced Claire that her baby should be taken off the island. It will interesting to see if there will be any major consequences caused by removing Aaron from the island.

Also, it’s interesting that Ben felt that he needed to move the island and kill Locke himself. Is he under the illusion that this will turn him into “the chosen one” by preventing Locke from fulfilling his destiny? If so, I wonder why he didn’t try to kill Locke earlier.


Old topic revival. Any Losties here? If so, it would be interesting to have a discussion about the series now that it’s over.


Epic spoilers below

Really disappointed with the ending. There was no way they could end it in a way that pleased everyone, but the whole twist this season took was just a bit pants. The purgatory timeline… meh.


Once they moved the island I decided the show was too damn stupid and stopped watching. I’ve heard it got even loopier afterward.


Season 6 Spoilers…

I agree, although I liked the parts on the island. It just felt like the purgatory timeline was thought up just to try something different (although apparently the final scene was planned from the start). It was all quite unnecessary. I think they would have been better off focusing on just the island for the final season instead, or maybe they could have shown some appropriately placed flashbacks.

Ultimately it’s a story that focuses on the characters. It’s essentially a fantasy story, so if you were expecting a science fiction explanation for everything, yeah, you’re going to be disappointed. But if you’re interested in philosophy it covers a lot of thought provoking ideas. The whole thing is set up to make the viewer ask questions.


On the topic of characters, the fact that Jack and Kate were still around after those four seasons didn’t help endear the show to me any.