Lost Saga Save File

I’d been happily playing for 9+ hours and was doing some backtracking on Disc 3 when after going to save I notice my Save Data wasn’t there, all 3 slots were empty with a notice saying there wasn’t enough space. I eject the disc door, go to memory manager and indeed my save file had vanished, i cleared out some space, plugged in my Action Replay and copied the backup I made last night onto the system and discovered to my horror, the save file was missing 3 hours and was at the final boss of Disc 2.

Nothing was wrong with the battery as all my other saves were still there but I’m a bit upset about this

Yeah, the Saturn memory randomly corrupts and deletes saves, in my experience. I’m glad you had a backup though.

So upfront traded a part of my retro game collection to finally get Panzer Dragoon saga(owning a saturn since i was 5, never got it). I ended up parting with my Neo Geo AES, which i never played. He gave me some other saturn stuff with it, The keyboard, mouse. And some games i didnt have like Resident evil, Romance of the 3 kingdoms, Street Fighter 2, darius.