Looking for "Tears" in the Panzer Dragoon Saga OST

Alrighty, I have every track in the OST except for “Tears”, which is Track .23 on Disc .2 .

If any of you have it, could you please send it to me or something?

My Email address is BahamutFF7@aol.com .

My AIM is U K Narayan .

Thanks in advance.

Track 23 of Disc 2 is titled ‘Sestren’

I’m wrong - whoops. I downloaded the entire PDS soundtrack from the newsgroups about a year ago, and I, too, am missing Track 23…even though my Track 23 is labeled Sestren in the ID3 tag. Guess we both downloaded the same thing.

Yeah, same here. That’s the awesome scene where Azel and Edge say goodbye.

Well that’s a stinker, I wonder why they never put it up there.

If anyone does have Track 23 “Tears”, could you please post here first thing?


Once again, please let know once you’ve downloaded it so that I can free up webspace.

Awesome, I’ve been looking for this forever! Many thanks, Solo!

UK you bastard!You have to post more!!

Tee hee!

Man. . . I just started listening to the tracks. . . Good god, they are done so well.

So I deleted all of the tracks. . . I’M GOING TO BUY THE SOUNDTRACK!


Oh the righteousness!!! :B