Loco Roco Cocoreccho on PS3 (mini review)

Christ I love how it takes like 2 hours do download a 300 Mb file on the PSN.

They really need to do something about that.

Bitching aside …

I finished downloading it, and I played with the 1st level for about a half hour …

I’m really NOT sure why websites and early press are calling the Loco Roco game on PS3 a “screen saver”.

Let’s not confuse the issue any more. It’s a GAME. A select it from the GAMES section of your XMB, “push the start button”, get your Loco Roco from point A to point B type of game…NOT something that pops up when your PS3 goes idle.

Much like the PSP version, you don’t directly control the Loco Roco’s as they roll and sing their way to the goal(s) … much like Lemmings, you simply GUIDE your waward jelly travelers in thier two-dimensional world and hope you can get them all to the end point without them getting eaten by the bad guys.

Instead of the sea-sickness inducing “world tilting” of the PSP version, this one has you moving a butterfly around the screen and “calling” to the Loco to follow you, as well as using the Sixaxis motion control to “shake” branches, “tilt” platforms, and “interact” with hidden environment puzzles.

It’s pretty much what I expected from a Loco Roco game, and once again … I’m DAFTLY CONFUSED with the label of “interactive screensaver” … if that came directly from the folks at Sony - whoever came up with that tagline / selling point should be sacked forthwith.

So far it’s good times, fun songs, and neat graphics … though coordinating calling the Loco Roco to where you want them to go, while tilting and shaking stuff simultaneously is proving to be a bit “challenging” (read - frustrating).

I’ll get the hang of it. It’s only a GAME.

I think the comments come from the fact that it feels less like a game and more like a simple physics interaction. It’s a very stylized and simple game, but lacks a lot of depth. I played the original quite a bit (well, I played the first 5 stages quite a bit trying to collect everything), but after a while, you start to realize that there isn’t much more to the game. Calling it an “interactive screensaver” is simple hyperbole meant to show that it’s pretty, it’s colorful, but fairly shallow. I wouldn’t try to argue the finer points as nobody is really saying it’s a screensaver - it just feels like one.