List of ranks in the Panzer shooters

Do we have a list of the ranks that you get in the Panzer Dragoon shooters (e.g. Winged Death) and what determines these? I don’t believe these are documented on the site anywhere.

I also can’t find them on the internet any where!

I wonder if we could figure them out… from data in text files on the disc maybe? That’s how we extracted the hidden Drone Record in Saga. I don’t have the disc handy though, unfortunately.

I read online that the Japanese manual for Panzer Dragoon Zwei had a decent list of ranks and came across this:

You can see Pigeon up to Dragoon Warrior, with their suggested shot down percentages. We’d need to figure out 95-100% mind you.

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That’s a great find! So I assume Winged Death is 100%? That leaves four more to discover.

Does anyone know if Panzer Dragoon 1 and Zwei shared the same rankings? It’s been a long time since I played the original.

I’ve typed out the rankings so we’re not relying on an internet archive page and given them rough (even) percentage distribution. It’s probably not as clear cut as that but it’s a start:

0% - Pigeon
1-4% - Weakling
5-8% - Grunt
9-12% - Rookie
13-16% - Peevish
17-20% - Hunter
21-24% - Captain
25-28% - Master
29-32% - Hitman
33-36% - Assassin
37-40% - Exterminator
41-44% - Predator
45-48% - Raider
49-52% - Officer
53-55% - Gunner
56-59% - General
60-63% - Defender
64-67% - Dominator
68-71% - Gladiator
72-75% - Destroyer
76-79% - Lunatic
80-82% - Berserker
83-85% - Dragoon
86-88% - Weapon Master
89-91% - Vanguard
92-93% - Sniper
93-95% - Dragoon Warrior
96% - ???
97% - ???
98% - Perfectionist
99% - ???
100% - Winged Death

I saw someone mention “Perfectionist” whilst discussing Winged Death, jog any memories?

What of the original Panzer Dragoon’s manual?

That was a little more difficult to find - I could only come across the outer cover and a couple of inner pages, going over the story and some basic controls:

There’s a small screenshot on there showing the rank screen with 84.9% shot down ratio giving the ‘Bounty Hunter’ rank. That might suggest that 1 and 2 have different ranks, although Japanese Manual screenshots probably don’t reflect the live game very well.

EDIT: Okay the reason that’s all I can find for the JP manual is because that is the JP manual. I figured I had a copy - lo and behold I did. It’s just a small poster sized foldout with the exact contents as the above link. So, nothing to get the from the originals manual.

I leafed through the PAL manuals for 1 and 2 as well, they don’t have anything useful in.

EDIT: Found this video where they end on 98.9% granting them the “Perfectionist” rank. I’ll chuck that into the list at 98% for now. 3 more to find.

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