List of Playstation 2 Games

Does anyone know of a site that lists PS2 games that have been released in PAL format, mentioning which ones have a 60htz mode and which ones do not?

Just wondering, in case I ever get a PS2 one day and need to decide whether or not to get it modded to play certain games at full speed…

I see what you’re meaning there, Solo - I’m thinking of eventually using a modded Saturn and getting 60Hz NTSC versions of the 50Hz PAL games which I have.

Although I won’t need to get NTSC versions of some PAL sames like Sonic R, which weren’t downscaled to 50Hz in the first place, and as such will run at the proper rate when put to 60Hz. :anjou_happy:

But sadly I can’t help you with the PS2 list! :anjou_disappointment: Good luck, though.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]
Just wondering, in case I ever get a PS2 one day and need to decide whether or not to get it modded to play certain games at full speed…[/quote]

Good Arcy: Google might be of some help.


Don’t worry, I haven’t fallen to the dark side… yet :anjou_happy:

I probably won’t be getting another console for a while, and if I do there’s just as likely a chance of me getting a Gamecube. That new Fire Emblem game looks like it could turn out to be something quite special. I haven’t played a good next generation Japanese RPG since the Dreamcast.

Am I right in thinking that the PAL Gamecube comes with a built in 60htz option, like with the Xbox, or does it depend on the game like with the PS2?

It seems to be set through the games themselves; if you hold the B button while loading a Gamecube game up, a 50hz / 60hz option appears like the ones Dreamcast games used to have. I can’t remember playing a Gamecube game that hasn’t supported 60hz so far, though…

I’ve found some, a friend lent it to me, X-treme G 3 and Mario Party 5. Especially painful for XG…

Metroid Prime 2 on the other side enforces 60hz…hopefully a trend that will be followed. I’m sick of 50hz only games.

Same here. Hopefully the next generation of consoles will follow the Xbox’s standard.

At least with the Cube, it’s fairly easy to play import games, so if a game comes along without a 60htz mode, you could just play it with that freeloader disc. No need for a mod chip.

That’s the ONLY thing that still keeps it going for most people. I got one as a Zelda fan but I must admit, it’s hard to go back to 50Hz after getting used to 60Hz.

Sony tend to try and hide this feature from us and only a few games even use that mode or have been ‘frame hacked’ to make it fit. And example of this is .hack// where frames are removed rather than resampled.

Hopefully, PAL60 will become more popular; I see it already is. Or maybe there’ll be a worldwide TV format some time soon! :anjou_love:

Don’t hold your breath. Distributors use the differance as a means to control the release of their content.