Life is Strange: Before the Storm

I was wondering how the Life is Strange story could continue; a prequel might be the only way that makes sense. Although I’m not sure how well it will work without the time travel ability, I’m looking forward to this nonetheless. The original Life is Strange was a great game.

The first episode is not far away either, arriving on August 31st for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One… and eventually Xbox One X (try saying that five times quickly :anjou_wow:).

I’m very wary of this game because it doesn’t seem DONTNOD is involved at all. The impression I get that this is more like a fan game, made by an entirely different team. The 20 minute gameplay trailer gives an odd vibe. Chloe’s new voice actress does a decent job but it’s still very hit-and-miss. Personally, I’m not sure if I really want this story to be told, given that we already have a good idea of what happens. I’ll wait to see how fans react to the game, but unlike with Life is Strange, I don’t see myself pre-ordering this one.

Are you going to get this game @Draikin? The first episode holds an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam. I’ve held off buying it for now since I’ve been playing Sonic Mania, but I’ll likely try it sometime soon. The system requirements are significantly steeper than the original Life is Strange, so hopefully it will run on my laptop okay.

I didn’t expect it to be regarded this highly, so I guess I’ll probably end up playing it. My main concern is where they’re actually planning on going with this story.

Episode 1 is good. If you want more Life is Strange without the time travel mechanic, you can’t go wrong here.

I’m not sure why the system requirements are higher than the original game. I had no problem playing Before the Storm on medium graphics. The main issues I had running it were a couple of controller glitches (easily fixed by restarting the game and/or reconnecting the controller), along with an annoying popover window that sometimes appears mid game when your connection to Steam fluctuates. My advice is to set Steam to Offline Mode before starting the game so that the error message does not appear.

I’m interested in learning where this game takes place in the timeline. Is it set during or perhaps after the original Life is Strange?

Based on the video it has to be set before the original Life is Strange. I imagine it’ll be the moment where Max leaves for Seattle.

For anyone who hasn’t played either game yet, there’s a Life is Strange sale on at the moment (on Steam):

50% off Before the Storm, 75% off the original game. Well worth it in both cases.