Life is Strange 2

Looking forward to this later in the year. It appears to be a completely new story from Life is Strange 1 and it’s prequel, in a very different setting. That’s not a bad thing, as Life is Strange’s story felt complete.

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I played through all five episodes over the course of about a week. Without spoiling anything, Dontnod Entertainment have created a compelling narrative once again. It’s a different kind of story to the original Life is Strange (with some loose connections to the original), focusing on a different “ability”, and much more political. Although not in bad way (in my opinion), as being grounded in reality is what helps the stories in these games… but you’ve been warned.

What I particularly like about Life is Strange 2 is that’s more of a journey than the other games in the series. You meet many different kinds of people along the way, including some “off the grid” folks - so I enjoyed playing a game that explored these alternative lifestyles.

If you play through Life is Strange 2, I recommend playing through “The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit” first. It’s a free download and acts as a kind of prologue for the main episodes.

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