Level of Technology

What level of technology did each group of humans have? (Empire, Wormrider, Seekers etc.)

Level of technology?
Comparable to those of earth history?

Or are there some sort of numeric levels to it all?

I’m not sure how comparable it all is since the PD world has something ours doesn’t really have any more: A major flux from extreme high-technology to low-technology and the gradual adaptation of the old to serve the new. All our technological advancement has been from scratch… so the progress isn’t readily comparable.

Wormriders though… I think along the lines of native americans, before significant western influences. Seekers… comparable to modern 3rd-world countries perhaps… unless I’m completely mixing up names and whatnot. As for the Empire though… heh… no clue what to label it. In some respects its far in advance of our own and in some respects far behind.

I can give you the ranks :


Apart from that… I don’t know exactly what you want to know…

Compared to earth. What weapons did they possess? Did they have computers? What transportation (besides airships) did they have?

I’m moderately sure there aren’t any computers as such involved in any of it… unless you count the bio-modules of the old technology recovered.

In some respects I think of it as an organic alternative to steam-punk.