Legal Backup

If this will get anyone in trouble, please delete this post. I have legal copies of the Panzer Dragoon games and I have bin/cue’s of these games for playing on ssf. Today I found out the files I have for disk three of Panzer Dragoon Saga are bad and I wanted to create my own bin/cue or iso/cue files for playing on SSF. Does anyone know of a recent guide for doing so or does anyone here have any programs that are available for free that can do the job for me? I had been playing PDS via ssf and now can not progress due to this issue. I can pop in the actual game and play it that way, but I would rather save my disks from wear. My disclaimer is that I do own legal copies of these games and I do own a Sega Saturn system. I was just enjoying playing PDS on the go. I have been scouring Google to no avail. :frowning:

Whether or not it’s legal depends on the country you live in. Try ImgBurn, it’s free (it does install a toolbar if you don’t uncheck that option during installation) and it has an option to create an image file from a disc, including bin/cue. I think it should be as easy as clicking “Create image file from disc” and selecting the output file as a .bin file.

I can vouch for ImgBurn, nice little program.

Yup, as Draikin said it’ll depend on your country. I believe the US/UK laws deem it ok as long as it’s for personal use and you don’t attempt to then sell/distribute the copies on. Don’t quote me on that though! … ee_Edition

Alcohol 52% is pretty cool, I’ve been using it to do exactly the same thing. Rips and mounts.

Imgburn worked great. Thank you so much guys. I went ahead and deleted all my current ISO’s that I haven’t tested fully and am just creating my own with the original copies. It so rocks to be able to take these games around on my laptop and play them on the go. I swear Sega could make some money buy porting these Saturn games to PC and Steam. I would buy them again just for the ease of use. I have zero faith in Sega these days though (not to kick dirt on old wounds or however the saying goes).