Legacy of Kain Defiance!

I’m getting this game today!Finally!!I never wanted a game so bad and if the reviews are “correct” then this is going to be a historic date!!!Did anyone played/plans on buying this game?

Did you like it?

Glad you’ve finally managed to get the game Gehn! With all your raving about it, maybe I’ll check it out :wink:

rolls eyes

I couldd’t help myself!I’ve been playing all day!

This game is sweet!I think I can safly say that this is my favourite game after Panzer Dragoon Saga.Brilliant,just pure bliss!!!

Playin both Soul Reavers is even justifiable,just to be able to undertstand this one!

The only legacy of kain game i played was the first one where kain was first turned into a vampire, i played the demo of that. I also played a demo of the first one wiht raziel(sp?) in it. The story kind of appealed to me, i liked the idea of raziel growing all powerfull but i kind of got the impression he was going to kill kain… what stopped him? Also did raziel ever get his wings back and is kain actually powerfull still? He seemed really old in soul reaver 1.

Raziel was powerful in SR1 but the Kain you see (is old yes but) is also uber powerful.Much happened meanwhile.And I mean MUCH.

Throughtout the games they both tend to get more powerful tho.It’s very difficult to explain why Raz has no wings cause the story in LoK is huge.I still dunnno if he ever will (well actually I would bet my life he won’t) but I still haven’t finished Defiance.

Oh adn for everybody : if you guys think SR1 and BO1 are kindda cool you HAVE to play SR2 and Defiance.This series kicks major arse.

It almost beats PD.It might do it…

…one day.

It’s not hard to explain why he has no wings…
All the vampire clan leaders started to evolve in different ways in SR1.
Raziel grew wings and Kain was jelous of them. He ripped them off and threw him in the abyss or whatever :stuck_out_tongue:
Simple as that :slight_smile:
Btw gehn I thought this last game in the series was actually worse since it seems to be focusing on combat much more and less on exploration?

Anyway I never really LOVED this series, the story is intriguing but I was quite bored with the games themselves. And that game with Kain as the main character just sucked too… regardless of my tastes. Stupid box pulling/pushing ridles, simplistic combat, ugly graphics, horrible level design etc… The SR series were tons better in everything but to me it still wasn’t interesting enough in any of the aspects… the combat was still too simple and the exploring not that interesting… but that’s just me :slight_smile:

That thing about Raziel’s wings has something more to it tho…

Anyways,Defiance’s combat is fun.The other combat systems sucked a bit but this one makes you LIKE when you fight.I didn’t understand what you just sad Al3x : you played Defiance?

The game you are talking about is Bloo Omen 2 considered by many the worst in the series.Heck it was made by a different team that’s why it’s so different.

But as for Defiance, I’m almost at the end (all things point to that :frowning: ) and I’m lving it!Really loving it!The story is simply mindblowing.The other Soul Reaver games led us to think this or that way…
Well Defiance destroys some things we thought were facts and adds thing we thought could never happen.

The coolest thing about it is that Crystal Dynamics already confirmed that they will make more LoK games if they can.

Defiance has so many great things that it’s difficult to name them but everyone should get it.

No, I haven’t played it, this is the only thing that reffered to defiance in my previous post:

All the rest are about the previous games…

I finished it!This really was one hell of a ride!The story surprised me a lot trhoughout the game.To know that there is going to be a sequel to this game makes me all warm and fuzzy.