Last Guardian similarities to PDs

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The relationship between the boy and creature reminds me of Panzer … … says-ueda/

  • Interacting with the eagle appears to be one of the central aspects to the game. You?re free to touch the eagle whenever you like. Its reactions will differ depending on where you touch it.
There?s a care aspect for the eagle as well. You can feed the eagle and remove spears and arrows that have pierced it. Ueda feels that the development staff will have to take care to strike a balance and make sure the care aspects do not becoming a chore. *

And most likely Toriko might very well grow his wings and fly at some point! Which would be extremely awesome!

Oh yes , it’s very Panzer , more so Zwei and Saga , I bet you’ll even be able to give the pet a name too .
I missed the days when SEGA make games like this , They might has well pack up shop and move to Team ICO, because SEGA Japan isn’t going to let the team make a game like this any more, Nagoshi would rather SEGA just make Yakuza . Pains me to think he’s in charge of what’s left of the Smilebit team .

I think it’s just the good 3D graphics that make people think that…

The concept is similar in many games, even something as “insignificant” as A Boy and his Blob. The blob helps you overcome challenges. It has cute hugging animations for the boy and blob and other touches like calling for him to come closer and such. But it’s “just a 2D platformer” so people don’t read too much into that.

I like how expressive the rateagle looks in this. It remains to be seen if the gameplay is a good evolution of their past games or not. I don’t see other Panzer similarities other than the “boy and his dog” vibe which is common in many many things, including Panzer Dragoon.

I don’t think it is so much a ‘boy and his dog’ as it is a ‘boy and his large beast’, and while that theme is common in many media, in games it isn’t that common- you take care of this large beast, and in turn, it takes care of you.

I’m not saying “it is like Panzer!” as much as it reminds me of panzer.

I could list a number of games that feature 3D graphics. This like Panzer seems a world you can believe is real in a far distant land ,and where you care about the people in it that features emotion , where the world that feels organic and alive , you and your pet against the whole world ,
In short a Art team at the very top of their game

I bet like Panzer and Team ICO game’s before it , this will feature its own unique spoken language . This is just a must buy of a game , the only problem will be the wait , and its ending no doubt :anjou_love:

I have to agree with Al3x for the most part. That’s pretty much what I thought when I saw the topic title.

Setting the boy-and-his-dog clich? aside, the two series as a whole bare the same desolate atmosphere and feature their own fictional languages. So I wouldn’t go ahead and dismiss the similarity even though the two don’t share the same gameplay. They’re both a lot alike despite that.