…is being remade in 3D for the PSP.

I wonder why they aren’t simply making a sequel since it’s pretty much a complete new game due to the introduction of 3D… Oh well, I’m happy anyway, I didn’t get to play the original much.

Climax is also developing a new Action RPG which will let you create your own dungeons.

Who wants to wager that the creators dumb down the gameplay in this new incarnation of Landstalker to pure hack ‘n’ slash button mashing? Any takers?

I can’t wait for it myself.

Be great to go back through the game. With luck is will have a 3D system like that in Saturn Dark Saviour

Well I’ll always love the original regardless of how the remake turns out. Shame no game has really done the original game justice since its release.

Hack and slash doens’t have to be siply button mashing Geoff.But hey this is just me trying to calm you down on this whole debate. :stuck_out_tongue:
No opinion whatsoever on Landstalker.

Since Climax themselves are involved I think we can hope for something a bit more true to the original than Shining Force Neo. But I don’t blame you for preparing yourself for the worst.

I liked the ability to change the camera angle in Dark Saviour. Something like that would be worthwhile.