Landstalker to be remade - on the PSP

EDIT: Whoops, I somehow totally missed that other topic. Feel free to ignore this topic completely.

Climax are planning a fully 3D remake of one of the greatest action RPGs of all time, Landstalker, for the PSP. The remake is being handled by Climax itself (the director of the remake worked on the original Landstalker and some of the older Shining Force games). Can’t wait to hear more! :anjou_happy:

Already posted…but yeah, looks cool. :anjou_happy:

There’s the proof Al3xand3r :smiley:

Proof of what :anjou_sigh:

First of all you used this emoticon :anjou_sigh: too often

Secondly : I meant that it’s proof “no one cares” :stuck_out_tongue:

Jk :anjou_happy:

Well i hope they won’t add unnecessary elements into it like the card aspect Sega put in SHINING FORCE remake on GBA.