Lair shown at GDC

I’m at GDC this week, and went to a presentation on Lair- many of the dragons have a specific Panzer Dragoon look about them- very hard bone- armor plates on top, soft skin beneath- some of them are a bit ‘abstract’ liek Panzer- I can’t find any good pictures of it on the web, though. It is very much a game about Dragon riding


Looks interesting, but I’d rather have a new Panzer Dragoon RPG (of course that will never happen :anjou_sigh: ). But this game sure looks damn detailed seeing how its next gen and all.

nice, HDRI just r0xx0rs :anjou_happy:

Am I the only one here who really has no real fandom for dragons and just regards the PD “dragons” like different creatures altogether?

Looks nifty… Imagine Panzer Dragoon crossed with (the Xbox version of) Crimson Skies…

Panzer Dragoon dragons are a more artistic and abstract interpretation of the common D&D style wyvern (or is it wuvern?) creatures. They are my favorite style of dragon, but yes, the PD designs are miles above and beyond the usual stuff.

I like seeing well designed dragons in any game. In fact a gripe I have with the Elder Scrolls series (and other RPGs I guess) is that they don’t have any really badass creatures like dragons…

They are supposed to be a common and sometimes thought of as generic creatures but imo they aren’t used in that many games and most games that use them don’t do them justice.

Well, that does depend on your fantasy verse. In some they are very rare to even extinct. But I’m sure an issue in games is that dragons require massive sprites and/or models which will take up alot of screen and in some cases even more processing power. So what better way to work around that then to declare them extinct?

But like Paet I do file the PD dragons under a seperate category than the European mythology ones. Similarly that I file asian mythology dragons under a seperate category. Anyway, I like the PD interpretation the most, these sleek yet imposing designs, rather than the bulky designs seen in European myth.

[quote]Am I the only one here who really has no real fandom for dragons and just regards the PD “dragons” like different creatures altogether?

No I totally agree- I also don’t think of them as dragons but a new creature entirely. I was just suprised to see Lair have a more abstracted dragoon- very heavy in front with exoskelton , and small in the back- it was very panzer looking- if you saw it alone you could think it was a next-gen panzer creation.

The other ones were quite “Dragonheart” (they mentioned they had the same designer) and were far more typical.

That looks really nice.

Always been a fan of Draagons since the likes of Dungeons and Dragons (the Cartoon ), Jason and the Argonauts both with those mutli head like Dragons B ut more since I saw that amazing Cartoon Film… Flight Of The Dragoons .

That was bloody awesome that , I must watchthat again soon

This game looks interesting, at least at first glance. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Meh, I’m skeptical about Factor 5. They went really down hill this generation after the glory that was Rogue Squadron. They’re complete and utter tech whores in the strongest sense of the term, heck they even ditchedd Nintendo as soon as they heard that the Revolution wasn’t graphics focused!

Sure it’ll look pretty (although I’m even more sceptical about those ‘screenshots’ compared to other truely real-time PS3 shots) but whether it’ll be a very good game to play and worth ?50 is another matter.

new high-res:


I’m not a fan of the four legs + 2 wings dragon designs but this one sure looks pretty :slight_smile: