Lagi's Orta scream a stock effect?

Well, I was playing Astal on my “new” Saturn, when I was fighting some lava dragons. To my surprise, they called out the same screach that Lagi makes in Orta when hit. What else is a stock effect in that game?

Interesting question. Did you notice some sound fx in REZ are the same as in the PD games as well? I had the chance to ask Kobayashi-san (director of REZ) about this once. he said they did not deliberately use PD soundfx and all sounds were unique or even custom made for the game.

one effect isthe hovering sound the imperial ships (e.g. grig orig) often make, the same effect is in REZ (in stage 3, I’m not sure though)

I think its just me but the brake Screeching in SEGA GT 2002 sounds just like one of the Dragon roars in ORTA.

haha, in one of the early orta trailers SOA used a grunting pig for the dragons =D