Lagi's Mutations (PDZ)

Hi everybody, i’m new here and so far i haven’t seen anytopic concerning the different paths of Lagi’s mutation in Panzer Dragoon Zwei.

I mean, i haven’t reached Solo wing rank so far, ( i don’t even remember what was my best rank) i only remember that in the last battle i used to transform into a Black yellow dragon with with a long sharp jaw, like the black dragon in the first PD you know…

The solo wing is more similar to the blue dragon so, that’s why i wonder if there’s is two paths, and if so, what is the best rank for the second one ?

Ps: Following the path of the black dragon i used to evolved from red dragon to orange at the end of the episode 5 , and from orange to yellow black in the last battle.

Following the path of the blue dragon i remember becoming red at the end of episode 3, and blue (first step) at the end of episode 4.

Any idea about that ???

I don’t really remember, I thought it was just dependant on your scoring and if you got 100% on all episodes you became blue dragon…

I just remember it took me many many retries to achieve blue dragon, before that I kept being brigadewing or skydart or something like that.

Brigadewing is awesome.

Yes this is it ! Brigadewing, i better love this transformation than the blue dragon one. That’s why i wondered if there was another rank above brigade wind… Because Brigadewing is not the rank before blue dragon…
I mean if you are brigadewing you can’t become blue dragon… I’m not sure i made it clear…

Dragon Evolution Requirements:
Hatchling - Initial Form
Glideling - 2 Points
Windrider - 6 Points
Armonite - 13 Points
Skydart - 15 Points by the end of Episode 4.
Brigadewing - 18 Points
Blue Dragon - 24 Points

I have no idea what that means, lol, it has been so long. You have to make sure to get ALL the evolution points. Take the hard paths in Ep2, 3, and 4.

You can morph to Brigadewing at the end of stage 5 OR 6 if you get enough points, and that will be the final form.

But if you get the maximum evo points through act 4, by taking the second route on acts 2 and 3, the third route on act 4, and over 90% shot down ratio (or is it 95%?) for every stage; then you morph to Skydart. As Skydart, if you get the max shot down points on both acts 5 and 6, then you morph to the Blue Dragon at the final boss. If not you just stay Skydart.

Ok, thanks for the info.
Too bad there’s no evo over Brigadewing.

I guess you have to score over 90% because i succeed reaching the skydart level… I’ll have to train my skills at act 6 : /

Just did the math and I may have remembered something. I don’t think you need to take route 3 on Ep. 4 to get Skydart, but you DO need it to reach the 24 points for Blue Dragon.

Welcome, Kay.

Al3x - where did you find that awesome picture of the Brigadewing?

I just did an image search on google. Here’s the link it was on.

It’s not quite faithful to the original design but yeah it’s sweet.

Another from the same place (/materia3/):

I don’t see more panzer art but good stuff in materia and materia2 too.

Panzer Dragoon Artworks are truly a delight to the eye. Great pictures !

Well besides, i’ve been playing to PDZwei lately and as i get a PDSaga file on my memory cartridge i could access the pandra’s box with the full options.
I was thus surprised i could play with the type 01, type 02 transformations and Guardian dragon.
Type01 = Blue dragon
& Type02 = Dark or black Dragon.

Starting from here and following my first thought, i wondered : By seeing the opposition between the 2 dragons type in Panzer Dragoon and different path of Lagi’s transformation ( One leading to the brigadewing which look rather alike the Dark Dragon, and the other leading to the blue dragon through Skydart mutation) my question is do you think it is possible to play The type02 Dragon without using the pandra’s options ??

I know nobody ever report any clue about this, but it sounds logical to me that Lagi could reach the ultimate form of each dragon type. The assumption gets more plausible when you know (as i said earlier) that this Dragon is playable and is better skilled than the blue dragon.

Your opinion ??

You can get the dark dragon’s form in Panzer Dragoon Saga. Some people consider that to be cannon. Others don’t, due to the process required to achieve that. I don’t.

I really like that second pic! The artist sees Brigadewing with the same eyes as mine, it seems, emphasizing the proportions that define it…

Kay, sorry but no. There’s nothing hidden about the evolutions, you can turn on full instrument mode and the game tells you where the paths are. I clearly remember getting the maximum points possible on that evolution branch, Brigadewing is the pinnacle… and how could it get any better anyway? Both the Blue Dragon and Dark Dragon models look really out of place in Zwei, to me, archaic by comparison. But DD is just like the Guardian and Pup, there for fun.

What do you mean by “to be cannon” ?? Is this an Idiom ( I’m not a native english sorry).

Archaic ?? Do you mean in comparison with PD aesthetic of the models or only you think it is inappropriate to play them in zwei as ultimate transformations ?

He means, canon (single n) which when talking about fiction refers to a set of works from the original creator(s) that make up the authentic history of that fictional universe. For example, a piece of fan fiction would not be considered canon, since the original developers didn’t write that story.

I’m going to have to disagree with Al3x on this one, though. The Light Wing and baby dragon that you encounter in Saga have a number of in-game references, notably from scientists from the Ancient Age and from Edge himself. It stands to reason that these are canonical story elements and the Solo Wing is too. Not just game stuff.

I only mean the models, since they’re taken directly from the first game, and Blue has perhaps only half the polygon detail of most of the Zwei forms. Plus the animation is not quite realized, especially in Acts 1 and 2, since they can’t ‘walk’ and look like a puppet on a string being dragged just above the ground.