Lagi = Lassie ?!

Now that I think of it, I always thought Lagi was too good (as in caring) to be true…


Rolling on the Floor, Laughing … XD!!! THis is great!!

I saw that yesterday, I thought it was pretty cool.

lol superb. Where on earth did you find this G*hn?

Video game cats.A friend of mine was checking the site and he knew I was a PD fan so he sent this to me.

Is it supposed to be Lagi though? o.o Or is it some random dragon <.<

It is suposed to be Lagi I think. Lagi = Lassie was just my interpretation really.

It is at least suposed to be the dragon we see in Orta.

I see.

Reminds me of the Penny Arcade strip featuring the guy who played Lagi… in a mall.

Lol, yeah… Who directed me to that link I wonder? I saw it before I came to TWOTA, sometime at summer camp… I wonder…

LOL class XD