Kyle portrait

Here’s my first contribution! A portrait drawing I did of Kyle . One of my favorite riders in the Panzer Dragoon series! I know not much is known about him, but I think he needs some love too. I may draw fanart of other characters in the future when I find some time,I’d love to do more PD fanart!


Fantastic work. And you’re right, there’s not too many fan pictures of Kyle (at least up close), especially compared to more popular characters like Azel and Orta.

Amazing drawing; Can I share on Panzer Dragoon World Twitter account ?

aaa it’s gorgeous! Your style is very pretty!

Thank you very much!

Thanks! And you sure can, I’d be honored!

Thanks! Right? He kinda feels forgotten in time almost, but not in a bad way. Not to sound corny, but more like a rider of legend kind of way. I was actually planning on doing a drawing of either Orta or Azel next. Maybe even Edge or Lundi. I’ll see!

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Beautifully done! I love the shading and detail!

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Added to the site. Thanks @Robo-Mobo.



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