Kyle minifig (and more...)!

Dear all, it’s a long time I didn’t come onto the forum.
As I said on another old topic, I used to be Kanon on the old forum.

So, I wanted to share with you my first PD creation. This is a small scale figure of Kyle. It’s 7 cm tall :

I made it alone, sculpting and painting by myself.
Let me know your opinion about it !

PS : I’m currently making Lundi…

Nice. What will Panzer fans create next! :slight_smile:

Careful now: if you create too many figures they might just wipe out humanity.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]Nice. What will Panzer fans create next! :slight_smile:

Careful now: if you create too many figures they might just wipe out humanity.[/quote]

I’d rather have more Panzer figures around me than people anyway :wink:

…and Kanon, this is excellent! Do Edge once you’ve finished with Lundi ^^

Pick Paet!!!Pick Paet!!! :B

That’s good :slight_smile:

Nice… :slight_smile:

Very nice.

Great work :slight_smile:

That’s brilliant… well done! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. A fully armoured figure of the Sky Rider would be awesome if you’re looking for suggestions for future projects.

Many thanks for your congratulations !

By the way, Lundi will be ended soon, perhaps I’ll post some pictures on monday.

Of course, after Lundi, I’ll begin Edge !
But the idea of making Sky Rider is great… but I’ve no art of him.

It looks great so far :slight_smile:
Make a biomonster next :smiley: we’ve seen characters and the dragons before but never a biomonster =o *(not that you shouldn’t do Edge hehe, I wanna see them all made :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah a biomonster would rock too!)*Make the one that attacks Edge at the beginning of Saga!!! =D

Unfortunately there isn’t much art of the Sky Rider. There are some decent screenshots here: … _rider.php and I could take some more if you wanted.

Also, at Lagi’s site there is a sketch of the Sky Rider from the Panzer Dragoon OVA which could help: … rider2.htm

Either way, there are many characters and creatures in the Panzer Dragoon would that could be made, that is just one them. I look forward to seeing how Lundi turns out.

Thanks, I’ll study this later.

But for the moment, I prefer making the 5 main characters of the PDs.

And later, I’ll make a dragoon…

A dragon you mean, you are already making the dragoons.


A Baldor would be cool too!