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Bioware is rumored to working on a massively multiplayer online Knights of the Old Republic game, according to EGM. Normally I’d take these rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism, but given the fact that Bioware have confirmed a MMORPG is in the works, and taking into consideration the popularity of the Star Wars franchise, I think this is a real possibility.

Bioware have reported to their website to be working on a “massively multiplayer online space for BioWare’s valued community of fans” - this suggests that, whatever the game is, we can except some Bioware trademarks such as an emphasis on interactive storytelling.

The question is - if such a game was made, would it be good for the KOTOR series? Normally I wouldn’t think so, considering KOTOR’s focus on story, but if anyone can pull off a story driven online RPG decently, it’s Bioware.