Kotor 2

I got KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords last week, and I have played it quite a lot.I was just wondering what everyone here thinks of it. Would you say it was better or worse than the first game?

I’m not finished it yet, and will reserve my final judgement until I have, however, so far I have mixed thoughts on it. Some of it is really good, I like how dialogue options are now based on your stats and skills and I also like the way you can now influence the alignment of your party members. There are also plenty of neat extras (such as new force powers/feat, the ability to equip to sets of weapons to a character that they can swtich between quickly, etc), and I also like the fact that the equiptment is allot less stingy with the stat bonuses than in the first game (my KOTOR 2 character would be stupidly powerful if he was in the first game).

However, some parts of the game just don’t seem as good. The writing varies between very good in places, and not very good in others, and the story seems a bit rushed and disjointed in places (such as the part where you are leaving the mining colony).

Anyway, I’d like to know what you all think of it. And please give clearly marked SPOILER WARNINGS if you must post any spoilers.

I haven’t played it yet, but I will be getting this game soon. It looks great from what I’ve seen of it in videos/screenshots/reviews.

I’ll save the brunt of my comments until after you’ve completed it, but I think you’re pretty close in your estimations. There are parts of the game that are just as good (and sometimes better) than the original, but overall, you can tell that the product was rushed. Particularly toward the end.

Overall, I enjoyed the experience quite a bit, which is someting I have a hard time saying about most other RPGs this generation, but it was ultimately marred by the way it was sort of thrown together (bugs and all).

And frankly, I was a bit disappointed in the combat… I found that I could pretty much defeat anything in the game with Knight’s Valor, Knight’s Speed, and Flurry. Probably a good 90% of the enemies go down within 2 seconds with that combination…

My life has been totally consumed by this game over the past few days to the point where I almost couldn’t stop playing the game until I had completed it (my friend had to drag me away from my computer to go to the cinema). KOTOR 2 is not quite as great as the original game, but is certainly a great game nonetheless.

I’ve actually read that a lot of the story was cut from the game, especially towards the end for a number of different reasons. I know there’s often a good reason why whole scenes are cut from films, but let’s not pretend that Lucas Arts didn’t want Obsidian to rush this game out for the 2004 Christmas holiday season. Why lie about it when that lie is so damn transparent?

The parts of the game where the main character relives moments from his past were very reminiscent of Planescape: Torment if you ask me (somehow I knew that all those former Black Isle employees at Obsidian would do a good job of continuing what BioWare started). I felt that the situation with Atris was left too unresolved, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed being hunted down by powerful dark lords of the Sith. The theme of the game was a lot darker than that of the first, and your nature was a hell of a lot more thought-provoking.

I can’t wait for the third installment.

I actually finished this quite a while back, but I forgot about this topic :anjou_embarassed:

Ahem… [size=200]SPOILERS![/size]

I really enjoyed the game and, although i’d have to agree that it’s not quite as good as the original, I think it’s a worthy addition to the series.

There were some really good bits in the game, I liked the secret tomb on korriban, I liked the way you fought Darth Sion and I liked the fact that you didn’t stop leveling at level 20.

Unfortunetly, for every part of the game that I thought was really good, there was a part that seemed pretty bad, such as the fact that, by the time you get HK fixed, there’s pretty much no time left to use him, the weird cutscenes that occur when you get back on your ship (the ones where you saw your companions talking to each other were pretty interesting, but there were one or two that just made no sense, like the one where you see GO-TO blow up remote, and yet next time you see remote he seems perfectly fine), and pretty much all of the ending… when I reached the end of the game, I had no idea what what a Mass Shadow Generator was, let alone why I wanted to activate it! I never quite got what traya’s motives were supposed to be, either (I got the whole “she wants you to kill the Force” thing, but I have no idea who exactly she intended to do that by making you fight her…), and then there was that thing with GO-TO and remote just before the end, where GO-TO threatens to destory remote before he can activate the Mass Shadow Generator, then the scene just fades out and you never see them again. WTF was that all about?!?

As Geoffrey said, a lot was cut from the game, at the last moment to get it out in time for Christmas, appartently there was supposed to be a way to go to the plant where all the new HK units were being made so that HK-47 can get his revenge (remember that sealed door in the facility on Telos? The one with the HK unit nearby that explodes if you reactivate it? That had a purpose!), there was also supposed to be a lot different things that could happen before the game ends depending on who you has influence over, including fights between team members, and Atton getting tortured and killed by Sion.

Anywhom, it could have been better if Obsidian hadn’t been rushed to get it out in time, but it was still a great game, i’m looking forward to playing it again as an dark Jedi sometime soon :anjou_happy:

As always, I loved using the Force to persuade people to do whatever I wanted. If only that ability had been at our disposal in certain other RPGs… if only to tell a few select characters to shut up already. :anjou_happy:

Spoiler warning.

I just assumed that Remote overpowered GO-TO somehow. I guess the creators left it up to our imaginations.

I hope this game sold well. I truly do.

I was pretty dissapointed with the game honestly. way too many bugs and patchy story. was pretty pissed that the HK factory side quest was cut out.
it was just far too rushed, I cant even bring myself to play it again after completing it once. :confused:

I just finished this game this afternoon after spending most of the long weekend on it. I pretty much agree with most of the points raised about it being rushed and buggy, but overall I thought it was a worthy follow-up to the original groundbreaking game.

— Spoilers below: —

I loved the way that the game followed on from both the light and dark side endings of the first game. The question and answer session with Atton was truly excellent way of continuing multiple existing storylines without breaking continuality.

But what happened to Revan? :anjou_longing:

Hopefully, if there’s a KOTOR3 we’ll finally learn what became of him and why he traveled into deep space. Judging from KOTOR2’s ending, Kreia seemed to hint that the Exile would go there as well, so perhaps the next game will take us there too or this growing threat will return from the unknown to attack the Republic lead by the true dark lord of the Sith, Darth Revan himself >) (I played both games as the dark side). Or perhaps it is simply a place where the KOTOR heroes go so that their fates can be easily explained without breaking continuality.

Hopefully if another game comes out it won’t be so rushed and will also have more memorable bad guys. Apart from Kreia, none of the bad guys really had any depth. I was quite disappointed how Darth Nihilous had next to no personality and was so easily defeated. That was a wasted opportunity IMO.

By the way, did anyone else notice that Kreia mentions Candorous near the end of the game when you ask about Mandalore’s future? Does that mean that Mandalore is actually Candorous from the first game, or was it just a typo?


If anyone is interested, I managed to find this site, which contains a lot of content that was cut from KOTOR2:


It explains what was supposed to happen in the scene with GO-TO and remote, and confirms that Mandalore IS Canderous (there was supposed to be a scene where he took his helmet off). Also, it has some interesting sound clips from dialogue that was supposed to be in the final game. I especially like the clip where HK makes fun of Carth and Bastilla :anjou_happy:

Yeah I too thought that Darth Nihilous was a disappointing villain. For a guy who could drain whole planets of the Force, he was quite the pushover. I guess he should have learned how to dual wield like me. >:)

HK-47 is a classic charecter, some of his quotes are pretty funny.



If anyone is interested, I managed to find this site, which contains a lot of content that was cut from KOTOR2:


Awesome… thanks for posting that, Drenholm. I didn’t realise so much had been cut. If only some of those things had made it into the final game.

The bit where HK-47 explains the purpose of the HK robots was rather amusing too. “There are different meatbags across different planets, all bumping into each other.” :anjou_love:

I knew it was him from the first time I met him in the game. his voice was unmistakable.
also when he is fighting he will sometimes shout “for clan Ordo!” since his full name is Candorous Ordo.