Knuckles' Chaotix - something's wrong

I’ve been trying to play Knuckles’ Chaotix but it doesn’t work for some reason. I the game usually starts up and then freezes either at the menu or one second in to the first stage. This isn’t a problem that hasn’t just popped up, it’s been bugging me for years.
The game did work at one time. I’ve replaced my Genesis (it’s a model 2) once but I can’t remember if that was in between when it stopped working or not. I’ve replaced my 32X but that didn’t help, I can play other 32X games fine. I’ve tried the “32X repair guide” advise and that didn’t do anything and since my other 32X games work I assume that it’s not the system. I own 3 copies of the game and none of them work.

Does anyone have any advise for what I should do so I can play it again? I’m thinking that buying another Genesis might be a good idea but I don’t really want to spend money on something that I’m not sure will even help.

I think you should download Gens+ and a ROM of Chaotix, and play it that way. All systems will die eventually, but emulation is there to preserve games forever.

I wonder why Sega aren’t including Knuckles Chaotix in their upcoming Sonic Gems Collection for the Gamecube? Surely it wouldn’t be too hard include, even if the collection ended up spanning an extra disc.

Because it’s not a “Sonic” game.

But then again, neither were Ristar and MBM.

I ahve the ROM…

[quote=“Arcie”]Because it’s not a “Sonic” game.

But then again, neither were Ristar and MBM.[/quote]

Yeah, true. Still, I’d consider Chaotix more “Sonicy” than some of the other games in the series such as Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine.

I got it working. On the Sega of America forums, I found someone who had the same problem as me, turns out it was the Genesis after all. I bought another one for $10 and it was totally worth it.

ROMs aren’t the same as playing a game with a control pad on a TV.

Cool, glad you got it working.

And yeah, there’s something about playing those kind of games on a monitor that just doesn’t compare to sitting in front of your TV, although in defense of emulation you could make your TV a second monitor for you PC and use a gamepad to control the game. That way, it would almost be the same, though perhaps not worth the trouble since your 32X does actually work fine.

well there are cheap gamepads - you don’t need something that great for retro emulation anyway - and you can use the nice emulators’ scanlines and anti aliasing options to make the game look just as nice as on a TV if you don’t wanna bother with actually connecting a TV to your PC…

UHOH… MY XBOX BROKE!!! (SCREAMS) does any one know how to fix it? oh, thats a stupid question. Panzer Dragoon Orta doesnt work. im not saying Panzer Dragoon Orta cause it a Panzer website, really i was playing then it started making this “clicking” noise and then froze. whats a girl to do wihout her XBox? :anjou_angry:

i wrote that cause i thought that cause dopefishes game didnt work that mabye i can ask for help here before gonig to Micrisoft for help. :anjou_embarassed:

Well, if it won’t play other games, you’re best bet would just be contacting Microsoft and having them fix it.

Cool, thanks for the advice. i asked a friend who is REALLY great with xbox and stuff about it.