Kingdom Under Fire : The Crusaders

I’m not really a fan of strategy games but this game hooked me with it’s RTS/hack and slash mixture. advise anyone with an XBox to get this one.

You are allowed to control one faction in each of the four difficulty levels and the camapaign , powers and even the combo system while in battle is different for each.Hear hear!I’m hooked!

Anyone know/played this game?

I was actually considering buying this game, but I had only read one review from a magazine that talks complete crap 50% of the time, so I decided against it (if it wasn’t for this magasine, I wouldn’t have wasted my money on Crimson Sea and Brute Force, both of which were awful). Do you think it’d be worth getting?

Man it’s like this : once you learn how to play it (and it isn’t very difficult imo) you get so much fun.The fun thing is that once you beat Easy (you can only select this one in the begining) in whihc you control a human general you then control a dark elf woman and you get a completely different experience since the TROOP LEVELING UP TREE is nothing like the human once so you get troops with different magic and animations.Also the combat is MUCH better than when you are controlling the human since you have much more cool powers when you are in the hack and slash part.

Best of it all I still haven’t played the two hard modes with two different characters that will have different armies of their own and also different hack and slash mechanics.

The only thing I could have liked more was the voice acting.You get soem characters with very cool voices and other with some crappy voices.This because my version only has the English,French,Spanish and German voice actors. :frowning:

The original version is of course Korean and I would have loved to hear the game in korean…

Stll I’m having alot of fun with this game and the dialogues are pretty good.Get it!

Yeah, this game really surprised me, it has an unexpectedly deep upgrade and customisation system, and there’s actually quite a bit of strategy to it. The action sequences are pretty good as well, you can really get into some massive battles in this game. Fans of Dragon Force, Dynasty Warriors, or Kessen should definatly check this game out.

Oh, and the real meat of the campaign mode is the last two characters though, the first two almost seem like tutorials by comparision. The game is definatly worth it’s $40 retail price, even without Live (which is actually a very fun multiplayer mode, though it has a few quirks).

So… you guys actually like this game? I played the demo that came with OXM and a few things struck me:

  1. The writing/voice acting was horrendous. I mean it was some of the worst I’ve ever read/heard. This doesn’t bother you at all?

  2. Perhaps the demo didn’t showcase the game system’s strengths, but it seems to be little more than “point your troops in a general direction, then just hit the attack button as often as possible.” Was there something I was missing?

  3. The character models looked great, but the animations were poorly done and the environments were all but completely empty. Does it get any more interesting later?

I just got a free copy of this game, but I was contemplating not opening it and selling it to a store for credit to get something else (like Metroid Prime 2 or something).

The dialogue is not very good but then it shouldn’t be.These are people in the middle of a war anyways.

Altho it really depends which part was covered by the demo.Who did you control and in which environments?

The voice acting is poor but then agehn the original was suposed to be Korean not English…

I like the game altho it isn’t a powerbomb like I might have made it sound earlier.

PS:Whenever you feel you shouldn’t open one of them free copies just phone me Abadd, and I’ll give you my adress :slight_smile:

“The dialogue isn’t good, but it shouldn’t be”???

Have you not seen any war movies? Lord of the Rings? It is absolutely possible to have great dialogue in a war setting. It may not be long speeches of poetic prose, but there should at least be decent writing. A setting does not dictate whether or not writing can or cannot be good.

As for the voice acting, sure… it’s infinitely harder to get localized voice overs to sound good, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. Although, the primary culprit in the horrible acting was the actual writing itself, the actors did nothing to try and improve upon the lines with better delivery.

I played as the big human guy… though I don’t know what part of the game it was. There was just the three main characters running with the army and talking, then some random encounters with enemies. I got bored halfway through the demo so I never bothered finishing, but I didn’t see any need to.

Perhaps I felt that as an action/strategy hybrid, there was so much potential to do so much more with the gameplay, but it seemed as though it was hardly realized.

I’ve seen plenty of war movies.LOTR wouldn’t be a good example.I playing truth’s advocate.I mean when people are in war they do say something things like “I’m your daddy” ya know?Even tho it might sound kinky or quirky to our ears it?'s true :stuck_out_tongue:

A setting dictates the kind of writing you see - Wheter it’s good or not - that is for you alone to decide.

As an example maybe the “father to a murder son , husband to a murder wife” line from Gladiator sounded like good writing for to many people but personally I find it too poetic.Displaced.

Wait… you expect characters from a medieval setting, with elves and whatnot, to say, “Who’s your daddy?” ???

(And LOTR is a perfect example because the worlds appear very similar, and they have similar large-scale war themes.)

And you think that of all the lines in Gladiator, that one was too poetic? The whole movie was written in a nearly poetic prose. That line fit perfectly within the cadence of the movie.

I thought it suck.But that ain’t the point.The point is good wording is relative.
And given that you really can’t call KUF medieval (since it didn’t happen) :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I don’t remember seeing a line like that in KUF but agehn it was just an example.I don’t like the dialogue in KUF.I’m just saying I prefer seeing down-to-earth speeches in war timeframes than poetic crap that just doesn’t come out of someone’s mouth when you are getting your arse kicked.

Get it? :slight_smile:

There is a difference between “down to earth” and “The ladies love me! Look at these broad shoulders!” <-- Paraphrased from the demo.

The dialog in LOTR was poetic, and was, most of the time, fantastic. Particularly Theoden’s lines. You could argue that most people don’t talk like that, but these are supposed to be noble people of a world we do not know. It helps create the magic. As for KuF, it is a medieval world (I didn’t say it took place during the Medieval Times), which is associated with certain types of behavior and speech… not modern slang.

Associated yes.But there isn’t an invisible rule.Actually I don’t like the usage of the word medieval here.The word should be used as it was made to be used - to refer to the middle age era.

But hey KUF is an invention.And the invention can have the ingredients the creators want it to have.There are a bunch of similar worlds to the KUF world but none is completely equal so you can’t make a rule to generalize them all.

The KUF world could have slang (medieval times did).And the example you gave is agehn a bad one.It wouldn’t shock me to see two friends having a dialogue ni which one of them used that line.

It did shock me in KUF because the voice actor sounded stupid and the character goofy :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh sure, the creators are free to create whatever world they want.

But, that is what makes the difference between “good” creators, and "bad creators. :anjou_happy:

Proof that people don’t like realism in their games.They prefer fantasy :stuck_out_tongue:

As a general rule, casual gamers prefer reality… something they can directly relate to. As a side rule, however, gamers also prefer consistency.

Meaning, you could create a game set in the real world, where all gangsters speak in Olde English or with 1950’s slang. Would people like it? Most likely not. You could argue that that was the creator’s vision, but does that make it good? Hardly.

I didn’t mean reality I meant realism.The natural way things play out.It’s too dull for most people.

You mean like Shenmue? (bah dum dum!!! :anjou_love: )

If I dind’t knew you were kidding I’d make you run a search for Shenmue on Penny Arcade.

But since I know you are : don’t you have a job?You won’t be able to retire if you just keep stepping on my foot :anjou_sigh:

Work ya filthy animal!Work!


I make it a goal in life to be able to work hard, yet always have the time to take a break and smash your dreams into little bitty pieces :anjou_love:

Dreams?Who said anythinga bout dreams?Oh, I get it : you are mocking me for thinking I could ever get in to the videogame industry aren’t you?!Aren’t you?! :anjou_sad: