Killer Instinct 3

Okay, I know that many of us have heard rumors, but perhaps this is the actual proof of a new KI game being released to the XBOX. (Actually, I heard on a gaming tv show a while back that said that our wishes had been granted when it came to a new KI game.)

(look closely at the pictures btw)

Killer Instinct must return. It was one of the greatest fighting games ever. I wish that I had actually bought it now rather than renting it a lot.

lol I saw the original KI in a store yesterday for $9 :slight_smile:

I swear to you though, I cannot help remembering someone said on TV that KI was most definitely returning to XBOX…

What’s KI all about anyway?Arcie said fighting game but all I saw were some pics of a boy in his room.

That’s not KI lol. Look at the XBOX games on his shelf. One of them says KI III on it :slight_smile:

and yes, KI is an excellent fighting game developed by rare.

Personally I hope that they bring back some of the characters from the original KI game that didn’t make it to KI2 back in KI3. (I’m talking about Riptor and Cinder here.)

For one as arrogant as myself (sometimes anyways;i don’t know why i keep saying this about myself cause I’m really and kind/nice person) this is embarassing :>

An American boy without a doubt X) (that of the pictures)

Riptor and Cinder are both dead, killed by TJ Combo and Glacius respectively. You should all fear Fulgore if he, or another improved model, returns in KI 3.

Yeah, but they could always just do some sort of DNA resurrection thing that they did to Spinal for the first game, no?

Besides, Johnny Cage of the MK series supposedly died in MK2, but that didn’t stop Midway from bringing him back again and again and again…