Kenji Eno back Making Games (For the Wii)

Keni Eno is coming back to the games business . As a massive Warp fan , and a admirer of the fantastic Eno work, I can?t wait for this.
Great to have the big man, back doing what he does best

From IGN

[quote] D2 Creator Turns to Wii
Famed designer Kenji Eno all but confirms that his new company is making a game for Nintendo’s new console.
by Matt Casamassina
May 23, 2006 - Readers whose videogame-playing years stretch back to 3DO and Dreamcast will almost certainly remember the development studio Warp and its charismatic leader Kenji Eno. The company created some truly pioneering software, including such titles as Enemy Zero, D and D2, the latter of which launched with SEGA’s ill-fated platform.

Several years back, Eno disbanded Warp and started a new studio focused on the development of entertainment products outside of videogames. However, according to a report by Gamasutra, he’s back with an all-new studio, From Yellow to Orange, and is once again focused on developing videogames.
Gamasutra met briefly with Eno at the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2006, where he confessed that he was working on a “brand new game.” Quizzed on the subject, Eno would only say that the title was being created “for a console with a new control device,” but then reportedly waved his hands around as though using Nintendo’s innovative new pointer.

At Warp, Eno’s games were primarily known for daring to be different. The 3DO D utilized CG-animated cut-scenes to tell a story uncommonly deep and atmospheric for the time. The Saturn-based Enemy Zero forced players to use audio cues to identify an otherwise invisible monster in a futuristic storyline. Meanwhile, although Warp itself employed a staff of only five, one of its members was Fumito Ueda, who later went on to make Ico on PlayStation 2.

An official site for From Yellow to Orange is now open and teases that the developer, "… will be on your side

Let the good times roll.

I’m a late comer, what game titles has this guy been responsible for?

D, Enemy Zero, Real Sound, D2