Keil and Lagi by the Uru Sea

I found this on Tumblr

The Artist:

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Contributions from non-forum members are certainly welcome, but remember we will need the artist’s explicit consent before adding the pictures to Panzer Dragoon Legacy.

ok then

I know permission pending on this one… but still, this one I call… “If Panzer Dragoon 1 had a campsite” :musical_note: #Campsite Music#. Doot-Doot de du di dooo-doo doo.

Fun Task:

  1. Try petting dragon without falling off the pillar thingy.

  2. Rider - Kyle - (possibly Gash’s Mentor?) - grinds (or hunts) like Shadow/Sonic across the pillars to collect stuff:
    You found Dracolyth eyesx2!
    Purification flora pollen x 60

Ahh… ±__± who wants to make a non-profit panzer game with me. Ho-hum…

*** with a secret ‘back up’ button like in Streets of Rage (prompting Lagi); maybe the more creative the combo the more interesting the result given the hunting problem of what ‘the Laagster’ will do.

Are you Patrick Henry?

If not, I need to connect you to him, he is working on remaking the game apparently and could do with more hands.

Not Patrick - Sorry. Just ‘artist’ please. It would be good to see something what this person is upto, before discussing the giving of ‘more hands’, it might not work.:desert_island::performing_arts::nauseated_face::face_vomiting::lying_face::shushing_face::triumph::exploding_head::scream::no_good_man:t4::no_good_woman:t4:

For example, I’d not want to give hands to something like the EA Presents Panzer Dragoon April Fools post on the Legacy news thing a few years back - by ‘Solo wing’ ?

Hello again… Well, just still wondering who is Patrick Henry, and any work-in-progress I can view and eventually contact them, if interested, in-private via email?

Thanks for reminding me about this. So I just emailed Patrick about this and suggested that he comes here on this topic and discuss this with you directly.

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Thank you. Here are some ‘leaked’ HD stills.

patrickhenrymcsd (at) gmail (dot) com

… Thank you. Any website?:eye::brain::eye:

Patrick is a bit mysterious… that’s all I have ^^

… how did you find him …?:ghost:… (please not in the underground labs of Uru).

He signed the petition


and he commented he wanted to remake the game. You can see his comments among the recent ones.

No authorisation was provided to use this image and I can’t find the original image on Deviantart. Can you provide a link to the image on Deviantart @Azel98?

Not adding this to the site since there has been no reply in almost 2 years.