Katsumi Yokota, rez and azel

hello everyone! I’m pleased to see that there is a new panzer forum around…die welt was one of my favourite place at the time.
Maybe you’ve already heard about katsumi Yokota, he is the man responsible of Azel and Rez Art…
Well it seems like his old website is now offline, but I have found this one:
you can also check :
it’s a website about Rez, and it has really beautiful and interesting artworks from Katsumi in the downloads-wallpapers section.
Some of them really remind me of Azel…especially the 5th one…
Orta is sure an awesome game, but I sometimes feel like Katsumi is missing for some parts, like the character design…

Whoa… thats some pretty cool artwork. There’s one on the first website that is undeniably semi-Orta.
Oh and btw welcome to the forums, mickachu! Hope you’ll like it here!:slight_smile:

Very nice indeed…
Welcome “back” Mikachu! :slight_smile:

thanks, I’m glad I came here…I also found that some white haired girls looked ALOT like Orta…But I don’t think Yokota worked on the 4th panzer game. Can someone give me the full Orta credits???
Oh, and am I the only one unable to see my avatar. It seems to appear only occasionaly.

Cool links, glad he has a new site up.

I wish he would just do a comprehensive site of his stuff- besides panzer, I have a couple images of his that a pretty cool, but not ‘art-y’ enough for the site…

I’m still waitting for that “summer update” on your site Lagi :slight_smile: nodding

Yep, and we’re still waiting for Arcie to update his site, and for you to build yours! :slight_smile:


I’m still waitting for that “summer update” on your site Lagi :slight_smile: nodding<<

Yeah I was hoping summer but it is going to take a bit more time- actually a lot more time. I’m now thinking like winter or something. None of the new content is amazing, just a few new things and some high-res stuff that most people have only seen low-res. The reason it is taking a while is becuase I would like update the whole site, and this would be a good reason…

Update the whole site? You mean a new look?