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With the upcoming release of the PD “remake”, do you think they’ll “remake” Zwei and Saga? It would be a smart move since Orta really roped a lot of people into the series, but the Sega and Dreamcast were gone by then, along with Saga and Zwei.

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A Zwei remake seems possible, if not probable. Saga is highly improbable though, an actual remake would be a large undertaking. At best it’ll show up emulated sometime, but even that’s not likely as the Saturn does not emulate easy and it wouldn’t sell on it’s own. And it’s a bit too much to expect as just a bonus like PD1 in Orta.

It’d sure be great for people who never played them, but the Saturn version of Zwei is virtually perfection as is so I wouldn’t even care. As far as Saga, on the one hand I’d be interested in a full remake but… so much of my personal association with the game is tied to it being the quintessential Saturn showcase. It could only lose impact as a remake.

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Chances are very nearly infinitesimal.

Really, as much as I’m sure SEGA appreciates the game, I doubt that it would be getting remade were the PC port not released.

It’s so much easier to translate games to console versions that way. Sure, a Zwei/Saga remake remains possible, but don’t count on it.

Well, not a remake. A port of sorts.

You realy don’t think so.

There’s definitely more of a chance of a remake happening than a port, but like everyone else has said, even that isn’t likely.

A standalone port would only work on the PSP or DS (which won’t happen since the rights to Panzer Dragoon games belong exclusively to Microsoft). Otherwise, it would have to be included as a ‘bonus’ to another game. Saga is too big to be a bonus for anything, but I suppose Zwei might be possible.

I fail to see why Sega would feel it’s in their best interest to revisit this franchise anyway. The Saturn games only appealed to the hardcore market and the fact that Orta didn’t make any exceptional numbers proves that it wasn’t just the hardcore userbase of the Saturn that turned people away.

That’s news to me. Source? Nevermind, you probably can’t find one seeing as Panzer Dragoon Remake (or whatever the title will be) will be released for the PS2.

And, umm, who ever thought that it was the “hardcore userbase” that turned people away from the Saturn? How can a userbase do that on a console anyway? What are they going to do, pick on the newbies and make them decide to not buy a Saturn?

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Surely if the rights belonged to Microsoft we wouldn’t be having the remake/touch up of PD1 on PS2?

That’s news to me. Source? Nevermind, you probably can’t find one seeing as Panzer Dragoon Remake (or whatever the title will be) will be released for the PS2.[/quote]

There was an episode of a show called ICONS that were interviewing a game journalist (forget his name) about Sega after the Dreamcast era. He said something about Sega promising Sony Virtua Fighter and Sega promising Microsoft Panzer Dragoon. I have no idea how old this episode is, though, and if PD1 is coming to the PS2, I suppose that means any contracts that existed are now void.

Oh it was definitely more than the userbase: large price-point, Sony, etc. What I was trying to say is that there was no real insentive for anyone to visit the Saturn or it’s library unless you really enjoyed arcade ports.

It sounds as if he might have been putting the info across unclearly (e.g. he was talking about Sega “giving” the companies those IPs where he should have been talking about Sega giving them exclusive games from those IPs), or if he did say it explicitly that he was wrong in his info. As far as I know PD wasn’t licensed to MS at any stage, Sega just believed the Xbox was the platform on which PDO would sell the most and that it wasn’t worth the trouble to port it to the PS2 or GC.

the panzer dragoon franchise isn’t microsoft exlusive at all

I’m willing to bet we will be seeing PDZwei on the PS2 within an year or so…

I’m a bit skeptical about this. Sega clearly doesn’t even believe in Panzer Dragoon enough anymore to release the new remake worldwide. Plus, in a year or so, I think everyone will be focusing more on PS3, Xbox 360, etc. But anything could happen, I suppose.

As it’s been mentioned, the Sega Saturn is difficult to emulate. The Panzer Dragoon port on the Xbox was a port of the PC version, not the Saturn version. PDZ and PDS were both Saturn exclusives, so there’s no PC version to port. That’s why they’ve been remaking the first one.

Remaking Saga would definitely be a huge undertaking, which probably wouldn’t produce many sales in the end.

Orta didn’t sell too well in the US, I don’t think, though it did bring in some new fans. A friend of mine got into Orta, then recently bought a Saturn and a copy of PD and PDS. But I don’t see how the Dreamcast relates to this, because all of the Panzer games appeared on the Saturn.

I’d be willing to take you up on that bet, Gehn. :slight_smile:

I agree with the rest of your post WintyDeath, but I think you might be making this sound more harsh that it really is; after all, none of the current Sega Ages games have been released or will be released outside of Japan. This isn’t so much a case of Sega singling out the PD series specifically, just a side effect of them deciding to put a PD game in the Sega Ages line.

Absolutely, but what can I say? I’m a skeptic / cynic / whatever you wish to call me. At any rate, from the looks of it, I, personally, just don’t see a PDZwei remake happening. It would be pretty cool, and we can cross our fingers, but I, personally, am not going to get my hopes up.

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I’d be willing to take you up on that bet, Gehn. :)[/quote]

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