Just watched Final Fantasy Advent Children

It was fantastic! The movie is mostly all action and the story is kept down to a bearable minimum. I was worried that the story would take a corny turn for the worse after seeing the trailers, but no need to worry. The action scenes are really over the top, with the fighters in the scenes flying around defying gravity. Overall, I recommend checking it out!

Where did you see it?Did it premiere already?

No that I care much because I’m not planning on seeing it but I was hoping to be bombarded with commercial spots and whatnot…

I actually just now sat down and watched the fansub… and I’m still completely stunned…

Not only is this the greatest action movie I’ve ever seen… it’s just so deeply touching and emotional for anyone who was a fan of FF7. I’m still just so amazed by it… things that have never been done in animation or traditional cinema… the studio at Square are true masters.

Not to mention the Uematsu soundtrack… it’s some of his best work ever… I will definitely buy multiple copies of the DVD and give them to everyone I know.

… Vincent… :anjou_love:

Um… I, uh… Well, yeah, he’s the only reason I’ll eventually get the movie. laughs nervously

Nice to know it’s good too…

Yeah, don’t you just hate it when a film forces you to actually sit down and think?


I saw it about a month ago. Not bad. I’d give it an 8/10 at the most. Weak in story, but then, there’s not much you can really add on to the original FF7 story. The visuals did make up for any flaws in the story. The soundtrack kicks ass as well.

There are only a few aspects about FF7 I liked.

The CG quality, for me, sets a new standard.

The crazy fight scenes (didn’t like the last one though…)

The fact that Maaya Sakamoto did the voice for Aeris.