Just some thoughts & things in PD Orta:

Just some thoughts on PD Orta:


Notice that Lagi doesn’t release all his lasers at once. If his maximum lock is 10 and he locks onto 10 targets he’ll release half of that amount and then the other half quickly after. If he locks 7 targets he’ll release 5 lasers then quickly another 2 following. A good reason why the max lasers are always in even numbers.

The Atish description in Pandora’s box:

…It also features a laser defense system as a backup armament.

Can’t remember seeing any Lasers? Only rockets. A feature they cut out in the game? A possible development for Atish in any later game.


The ancient network of Sestren…

  • is it a virtual world (data only)?
  • or is it a combination of both (data and ‘real’)?

Central Data Unit Ofnir

A biological database living within the ancient network.

A real biological organism that lives within the virtual (data) world? Or maybe an organism living amongst the circuits of the network and somehow manages to interact with the virtual world / data stream.

It closely resembles a Blator, and it is beleived that it acquires data from subjects by devouring them and analyzing their genetic structurres.

This answers how it ‘surfaces’ in and out of the ‘data stream’ perhaps? If it devours genetic structures, that means when something is transported to the virtual world of Sestren, it’s genetic structure is converted into data… thus allowing Ofnir, being the ‘biological database’ that it is, to devour it and analyse any such Genetic structure.


Do you think Abadd knows the difference beween good and evil?


How do you think the Empire managed to get Abadd to make Dragonmares for them?

Was it through

  • force?
  • a trade/deal

My thoughts

I assume they were seeking weapons from the ancient age. Abadd was able to fulfill that with the Dragonmares. - out of his own free will, but with his own agenda in mind until the time was right…


There are 3 sound options on PDO which you can alter in loudness:

1 - Backround Music
2 - Sound Effects
3 - Voice

All voices in the game are in the voice stream. However, one voice is in the Background Music stream and not in the Voice stream. This is in Episode 7 Event 1 (The “Voice” - Orta’s mother?]). So if you have BGM disabled youn’t hear anything said for this event.


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[quote=“Giga_D”]Just some thoughts on PD Orta:

The ancient network of Sestren…

  • is it a virtual world (data only)?
  • or is it a combination of both (data and ‘real’)?[/quote]

I suspect that it’s a virtual representation, as many normal laws of physics etc. don’t really seem to apply within the network. What it’s a representation of would be harder to say, but Sestren is possibly a mishmash of many organic and artificial components. Most of the Ancients’ technologies are meant to incorporate organic materials, and parts of the network certainly look organic as Orta flies through. If this was the case, it could also explain how the enemy programs (like Ofnir) are biological entities: this would make sense if they existed within a vast data network built of organic components.

Yeah, that was pretty much my line of thought.

Perhaps he was aware of the idea, but he didn’t appear to be motivated by it one way or the other; he had no qualms about killing innocent creatures for example, and the overall mission that he was desperate to complete did seem fairly “evil” (from what little we can gather, anyway).

I suspect that the Empire asked or ordered Abadd to operate the Cradle for them after they excavated him, and that he agreed: he very probably had his own agenda in mind the whole time, though. Abadd was capable of operating the Cradle itself, but perhaps he wasn’t capable of doing the genetic design work for something like a dragonmare? Apparently it was the Imperial scientists that designed the dragonmares from scratch, and Abadd merely operated the technology to create them. Abadd may have needed the Empire’s help in that one aspect, which could explain why he left with his finished dragonmare immediately afterwards: at that point he didn’t need the Empire anymore. Well, that’s one possibility…

[quote=“Giga_D”]The Atish description in Pandora’s box:

…It also features a laser defense system as a backup armament.

Can’t remember seeing any Lasers? Only rockets. A feature they cut out in the game? A possible development for Atish in any later game.

if you fight it long enough, it will transition to being in front of you. at that point, it launches lasers at you.

another interesting thing about this boss is that if you delay long enough you won’t beat it. the cutscene is the same except that in one the Atish is a hulk of burning wreckage and in the other, it’s still just chasing you.

i don’t think most people do!

Didn’t know that about Atish. When you’re behind it, it shoots lasers! I might try that some time.


I like Abadd’s character design. They went with a androgenous body form, although we recognise mainly as male, because of his voice.

High-Heel-ish shaped feet
Mouth seems feminin-ish


[quote=“Giga_D”]How do you think the Empire managed to get Abadd to make Dragonmares for them?

Was it through

  • force?
  • a trade/deal[/quote]

I always thought that the Empire secured Abadd’s cooperation by agreeing to capture Orta for him. How did the Empire even discover the existence of Orta, now of all times, if not through Abadd? The Seekers are an extremely secretive organisation, so prying the existence and location of Orta out of them wouldn’t have been easy.

Imperial spies could’ve discovered the Seeker stronghold located in Yelico Valley, but finding out who and what Orta was when that knowledge was probably confined to the minds of a few high ranking Seekers would’ve been a far more difficult task by comparison.

The fact that the Empire only attempted to capture Orta when Abadd disappeared and when it needed a new drone to operate the Bio-reactor raises more than a few questions. If the Empire knew about Orta before it was overcome by an urgent need to acquire a new drone it would’ve attacked the Seeker stronghold a long time ago regardless of whether or not the Empire actually needed Orta. I think the Empire somehow only learnt of Orta recently. The how in the somehow being Abadd, of course.

Abadd knew how Azel created Orta and had foreseen Orta’s future; it seems reasonable to me that he followed Azel’s footsteps back to the Seekers. For whatever reason, Azel left Orta with Gash, or Orta otherwise came into Gash’s possession, who chose to protect Orta “at all costs” because she was the key to some grand lock which could one day potentially “change the world” for the better.

questions that lead to answers and answers that lead to questions… the mystery is unravelled. Well, at least it’s a logical assumption. I also came to a similar conclusion in another post.

Let’s see: the Empire wanted to use Orta to operate the Bio-reactor, the Seekers wanted to use her as weapon in whatever war it planned to wage, and Abadd simply wanted to acquire her body dead or alive in order to extract her DNA. Oh yes, and Iva wanted to exact his own brand on vengeance on the dragon witch for killing his father. Poor Orta. Will she ever know the meaning of the word peace?

I can’t see how the Empire learnt of Orta’s existence from anyone besides Abadd. The Empire discovered Abadd in recent years and likewise only launched an attack on Yelico Valley recently. What a coincidence. The Empire must have learnt of Orta not long before attacking the Seeker stronghold, otherwise the Empire would’ve invaded Yelico Valley a long time ago.

That’s very probably the case, but it looks like there could be an alternative explanaion too: the Empire invaded Yelico Valley with ease at the beginning of PDO, but could they have done it without the dragonmares? It was the dragonmares that allowed the Empire to regain control over the continent in recent times, but they hadn’t been using them for very long. Yelico Valley was a major Seeker base, so the Empire might not have felt confident about taking it in the past (before they had weapons at that power level).

It seems possible that the Empire found out about Orta a while ago, and that Abadd may even have learned her location from the Empire. Abadd knew what Orta was (presumably from Sestren or a similar source), but that doesn’t guarentee he would know where she would be in the present world without doing some research of his own. We really don’t know anything about Abadd’s contact with the Empire though, so various explanations seem to make sense.

I’m wondering how the dragonmares knew exactly where to look for Orta (the stone tower). Perhaps the Empire found out about Orta through its network of spies only recently. However, the timing is really odd. Perhaps after Abadd fled the Empire, the Empire started a desperate wide-scale search for another drone.

Evren accuses Abadd of betraying the Empire, which suggests he had willingly aided the Empire at one point in time. I doubt the Empire could force the drone to work for it – what’s the worst the Empire could do if Abadd didn’t obey? Kill him? Kill the only drone who could operate the bio-reactor? I’m sure the Imperials made some kind of deal with him. After all, could Abadd alone retrieve Orta from the Seeker stronghold in Yalico Valley? I doubt it.

In the next Panzer Dragoon game, I hope we see a flashback of Abadd’s dealings with the Empire. I can just imagine Abadd having a long conversation with the Empire’s grand admiral about spawning the dragonmares.

I don’t think the Empire ever cared for Yalico Valley enough not attack it - until it became part of their deal with the drone. Give the Dragonmare Squad something to do, kill some Seekers, retrieve a girl, sounds like something the Empire would accept.

It didn’t look like the Seekers were waiting for an attack. Their efforts didn’t look like a thought-out defense plan, everything was pretty uncoordinated.

Although I never understood why Orta was shooting at Seekers. Yes, she was imprisoned, but nonetheless those people cared for them all her life. I can’t imagine them being so cruel towards her that she wants them dead.

You see! Proof that she is evil! :slight_smile:

However Abadd saves Orta from the dragonmares… That means they weren’t doing whatever deal Abadd might have had with them else he could just let them finish it and even aid them in order to capture Orta… And that’s the point he betrays them meaning up until then the empire considered him “loyal” to them.
Also about what you said of Abadd foreseeing her grand future. He was only foreseeing it cos of what he wanted to do with her I believe, he thought her grand future was what he had in store for her with his plan of all the drone cloning she would be a major part of… Atleast that’s what I think… I might be wrong considering I don’t own the game and so don’t remember exactly the sequence of events… But if that wasn’t it, then wouldn’t foreseeing a grand future for her immidiatelly render his own plan a failure before he even thought of it? If he had foreseen she would do other “great things”?

Let’s see: Gash declares his intention to protect Orta “at all costs”, Abadd says that Orta is the only one who can save this dying world from itself, and Azel says that Orta has the power to “change the world”.

I’m positive that Orta is destined for greatness. I just hope that a brave Imperial admiral hunts her down before she starts bending the world to her will.

the seekers were trying to kill orta… rather than let her escape.

what if orta can make dragons? like real dragons? she is the spiritual successor to the heresy program? that would be one way to change the world.

i somehow do not believe that lagi is the mother of the baby dragon, nor do i believe that unsavory notion of lagi being the dragon’s father. but what if orta could instill ‘heresy’ into beings the way the heresy program did with the mutant coolia.

I think it’s more likely that the baby dragon was a clone of Lagi…

God knows why Azel created Orta. I’m sure Orta is destined for great things, however. Perhaps she can interface with all the ancient technology like a master key. Smilebit must’ve had something in mind.