Just finished Assassin's Creed (spoiler free thoughts)

People who bitched about the ending being “lame” or “not explaining anything” …

… I wonder if they, like, I don’t know - got up to get something to eat during the last 2 or 3 boss battle post-death soliloquies.

There was SO much revealed towards the end of the game, that you essentially GO PAST an ending point (for this chapter in what will surely be a series) and are allowed to dabble with information that will become relevant in the next or future chapters.

The ending is FAR from lame, un-revealing or shallow. It’s deep, meaningful, and intersects with events in history and religion like NO OTHER GAME BEFORE EVER HAS.

A truly amazing experience all the way through, up to and including the ending.

People who were critical of this title really missed something along the way.

Can’t wait for the sequel.

My limited edition 360 copy is on my shelf looking pretty until I get my hands on a 360!

Glad to hear that you liked it. I’m an ever-growing fan of Ubisoft (Beyond Good & Evil and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time are two of my all-time favorites), and this game looks like a real treasure. It’s odd that the game is so divisive, though. Your opinion seems to be a bit more in line with the Penny Arcade guys. It’s odd how different some of these opinions are. Eurogamer complained about the simplistic, one-button combat, whereas Tycho from PA stated that he didn’t understand that particular complaint, as the combat is basically given to you at an even pace one button at a time, until it takes up most of the face buttons to do interesting things. It really does sound like a game to be savored, and the problem with a professional review as opposed to a fan review is that one must rush to meet a deadline, and rush through the experience amidst a slew of other releases that are on a similar deadline.

EGM stopped short of ripping this game a new butthole while they liked Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Game Informer liked both but claimed Assassin’s Creed was easily the superior of the two.

I never liked EGM anyway.

As annoying as all the negative press is over this game - I don’t really care what EGM, Game Informer, or anybody else “though” of it, it’s repetitive missions, talky death sequences, sci-fi twists, beginning, middle or ending.

I mean, they’re entitled to their opinions…and people who hate it, well, I can’t change the way they feel. However, I do feel that if you don’t play the game with a certain level of dedication and focus, or if you “miss” what the game is trying to say/do throughout, the experience just won’t be the same.