Jupiter & Mars

This might be the next best thing for those wanting a new Ecco game.

Is this a Mizuguchi game or something?looks like child of eden

That’s indeed not a coincidence. It’s a game by James Mielke, who worked with Mizuguchi at Q Entertainment. The music by Genki Rockets (Child of Eden) is also very recognizable in the trailer here. On a related note, James also made the Panzer Dragoon retrospective when for 1Up. It’s a small world!

As for the game itself, I can’t say it really reminds me of Ecco, other than the fact that it features dolphins. Looking forward to more details though.

Mielke is one of the people we need to talk with about a new Futatsugi Panzer game. He knows quite a few people at Sega and is a huge PD fan as well as native english speaker.

Looks neat! I hope there is a lot to explore and it’s not too linear…