Joe LoTruglio in GTA LCS

So, I started playing GTA LCS today, and I was absolutely thrilled to hear the voice of one of my sketch comedy acquaintances, Joe LoTruglio as “Vincenzo”, I knew he had done some work as pedestrians in GTA SA, but he hadn’t mentioned that he was working on this title.

You might know Joe’s work from The State on MTV 1993-1996, the movie Wet Hot American Summer (Neil), or as a regular in the comedy trio Stella’s online video shorts, and TV series.

There was no voice acting credits in the instruction manual, and nothing on his IMDB profile, so I’ll just have to ask him about this next time I see him.

I’m very interested to see if any other State / Stella regulars pop up as voice talent in the game…I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Joe is second from the left, I’m dead center.