Jet Set Radio returning on XBLA/PSN

At least that’s what Sega’s new teaser seems to suggest:

Jet Set Radio is actually trending on Twitter now, not bad for a simple teaser. I hope it includes Jet Set Radio Future as well, as that might increase the chances of seeing a Panzer Dragoon Orta conversion.

Very likely just Jet Grind Radio. Which is just fine with me, since that increases the probability of yet more Dreamcast ports.

Skies of Arcadia, please.


Some screenshots of the HD version:

They’re also releasing the game for PC, which makes it a day one purchase for me.

Looks great. I’m glad it’s in widescreen. Since JSR is cell shaded, it’s quite a suitable fit for an HD update without looking odd. It worked well with Rez HD.

Interview with Ben Harbone from Sega about the new version of Jet Set Radio:

Important points to note:

  • They have added support for the right analog stick, so you can now rotate the camera.
  • They have permission to include 70% of the Japanese soundtrack. They’re working on obtaining 100%, but no guarantees.
  • The game will be released in summer, but no particular date has been set.

At the end of the interview, he says that Shenmue and Skies of Arcadia have been the most requested Dreamcast games. “I can’t say yes or no,” he says with a smile, “but we may be working on them.”